Gender politics at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas

23 Sep 2015

Debates on pornography, reproduction and transgender identities at heart of Festival.

When is the right time to have a baby, can women achieve equality in the workplace, where do we draw the line on pornography and what are implications of trans identities for religious faith?

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Championing England’s heritage

10 Aug 2015

Historic England’s Planning and Conservation Director, Greg Luton, told us more about the work he does and why our heritage is so important. Historic England will be hosting an event, Historic England: listed buildings, ancient monuments and places, on Saturday 12 September during Open Cambridge 2015. 

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Spotlight on Great St Mary’s Church

06 Aug 2015

Open Cambridge caught up with Rosie Sharkey, Heritage Education Officer at Great St Mary's Church, to find out more about the Church and their event ‘Cromwell (warts and all!)’ which is on Saturday 12 September.

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Remembering those who died and those who survived

05 Aug 2015

To commemorate the Cambridgeshire soldiers who died in the failed defence of Singapore and as Japanese prisoners of war, during World War II, and those who were freed in September 1945 – exactly 70 years ago – Open Cambridge is hosting a special talk on Friday 11 September. 

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Asian Dub Foundation: THX 1138

23 Jul 2015

Musical innovators Asian Dub Foundation will perform their latest live soundtrack to George Lucas’ 1971 visionary cult sci-fi classic THX 1138 at 10 venues nationwide in October 2015, including: Friday 23 Oct 2015, 8pm at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. 

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Churchill’s colourful traits revealed

08 Jul 2015

To mark the 50th anniversary since Sir Winston Churchill’s death and 70 years since the end of World War II, the University of Cambridge is hosting a special dinner event at Churchill College, the National and Commonwealth Memorial to Winston Churchill, on Friday 11 September as part of the Open Cambridge weekend.

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