Annual reports and financial statements

I am inspired by Cambridge on a daily basis. Individuals are doing extraordinary work in every nook and cranny of the Collegiate University. The excellence of this work has been recognised by Cambridge’s top scores in this year’s Teaching Excellence Framework and Knowledge Exchange Framework, as well as placing in the top three in the most recent Research Excellence Framework.

The Collegiate University is built on partnerships – not only with and among Cambridge’s constituent Colleges, but also with government, industry, and charities throughout the United Kingdom and the world. For example, we are currently partnering locally to build two new hospitals, working to define Greater Cambridge’s innovation strategy and engaging with development plans for our city, county and region.

Nationally, the University contributes around £30 billion a year to the UK economy, a colossal value which reflects the brilliant work carried out here every day. And every day, here in Cambridge, our research is leading the response to the biggest challenges facing our planet: around climate and sustainability, AI, and cancer, for example.

Professor Deborah Prentice
Professor Deborah Prentice, Vice-Chancellor

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