Genetic tool can identify Asian women at higher risk of breast cancer

31 July 2020

A genetic study in Asian women, led by Malaysian scientists in collaboration with Singapore and the University of Cambridge, has revealed that a genetic tool developed to help assess breast cancer risk in European women also works in Asian women. This could help address the rising incidence of breast cancer in Asia.

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Beyond the pandemic: reduce the risk of animal viruses jumping to humans

30 July 2020

SARS-CoV-2 is not the first deadly virus to have jumped from an animal to humans, but it is the first to have swept the globe at such speed and scale. Cambridge zoologists Bill Sutherland and Silviu Petrovan warn that we must dramatically change the way we interact with animals to reduce the risk of this happening again. First in a new series in which we ask the experts: beyond the pandemic, where should we go from here?

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