Opinion: United we stand, divided we fall

25 March 2020

Our interdependent economy means the COVID-19 pandemic will cause unavoidable short term pain, but presents important choices about the long term recovery, says economist Prof Diane Coyle from the Bennett Institute for Public Policy. 

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Person sitting on sofa with laptop

Opinion: Coronavirus: five ways to be a better manager when working from home

25 March 2020

Everyone is adjusting to life during the coronavirus pandemic. For many, working from home is the new normal and poses all sorts of new challenges. Anyone in a position of management has, overnight, lost many of the tangible aspects of doing their job – particularly the non-verbal aspects of communication and how we interact in space, in person. Here, Dr Thomas Roulet from Cambridge Judge Business School offers some advice for managers as we all adjust to new ways of working.  

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Clinicians in an intensive care unit

Intensive care units in England could run out of beds within two weeks, study finds

24 March 2020

Intensive care unit (ICU) occupancy is likely to increase dramatically over the next few weeks, suggests research published by a team at the University of Cambridge. Their work suggests that if the current exponential growth of COVID-19 infections continues, then within two weeks, five out of seven commissioning regions in England will have more critically ill COVID-19 patients than can be accommodated with ICU beds normally available. 

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New data tests 'theory of everything'

19 March 2020

One of the biggest ideas in physics is the possibility that all known forces, particles, and interactions can be connected in one framework. String theory is arguably the best-known proposal for a 'theory of everything' that would tie together our understanding of the physical universe.

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