Illustration of various manufacturing jobs.

'Nation of makers'

industrialised Britain

Britain industrialised over a century earlier than history books claim. Millions of historical employment records show the British workforce turned sharply towards manufacturing jobs during the 1600s – suggesting the birth of the industrial age has much deeper roots.

The Silver Standard: Solving a medieval money mystery

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Woman with obesity.

News - Obesity-related genes identified

Cambridge researchers have identified rare gene variants that impact on obesity risk. The gene variants confer up to 6-fold increase in risk of obesity.
Rebecca Fitzgerald.

News - Supporting the fight against cancer

The University of Cambridge’s Early Cancer Institute has received an £11 million donation. It is the UK's only research facility dedicated to understanding early cancer. The donation will support its vital work in the fight against cancer.
A 100 years-old Romeyka speaker in Turkeys Trabzon region.

News - Last chance to record archaic Greek language ‘heading for extinction’

A new crowdsourcing platform aims to preserve the sound of Romeyka, an endangered millennia-old variety of Greek. The language is considered to be a linguistic goldmine and a living bridge to the ancient world.


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Panel discussion - Is democracy dying? – Wednesday 24 April

The second Vice-Chancellor’s Dialogues grapples with the question, 'Is liberal democracy dying?'. Hosted by Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Prentice and chaired by the Master of Selwyn College.

Online - Subject Masterclasses - until Monday 29 April

If you're currently studying for your A levels, sign up for one of our Subject Masterclasses to experience typical undergraduate teaching at Cambridge.

Exhibitions - Murder by the book – until Saturday 24 August

This exhibition at the University Library unravels the history and popularity of British crime fiction. It includes some of the most influential, best-selling and famous crime novels in the UK.

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