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Update from the Vice-Chancellor

25 June 2020

Update for staff and students, particularly those graduating, including teaching and academic recognition, testing, PRIDE, Continuing Education, and M...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sheffield, UK

UK modelling study finds case isolation and contact tracing vital to COVID-19 epidemic control

In the absence of a vaccine or highly effective treatments for COVID-19, combining isolation and intensive contact tracing with physical distancing measures—such as limits on daily social or workplace contacts—might be the most effective and efficient way to achieve and maintain epidemic control, according to new modelling research published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.

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Professor Ravi Gupta (third from left) with colleagues in CITIID

Tackling COVID-19: Professor Ravi Gupta

“This virus is probably going to be circulating for years - it will take a long time to sort out.” In a building that has been largely empty for the past three months, Ravi Gupta has been working non-stop alongside other virus experts. Their trial of a rapid diagnostic test using the ‘SAMBA II’ machine made headlines in April: results are returned in 90 minutes, helping healthcare workers ensure that those infected can be quickly directed to specialised wards. But there remains much work to do.

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Woman at home alone

Stigma of broken family relationships compounded by lockdown

Lockdown restrictions have not brought estranged family members closer together, and recent focus on the importance of family support has made dealing with the pandemic even more difficult for those with challenging family situations, a new study published today has found.

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