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How do we change the world for the better? We need people with vision and the necessary skills to tackle the complex challenges we face. The Gates Cambridge Scholarship brings people together achieve this. Meet the Gates Cambridge Scholars.

The Silver Standard: Solving a medieval money mystery

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Woman checking for breast cancer.

Features - Many people with breast cancer ‘systematically left behind’

Report highlights inequalities and hidden suffering among people living with breast cancer. Lancet Commission, led by Professor Charlotte Coles, sets out recommendations to tackle urgent challenges in breast cancer.
Pig on a farm.

News - Pork labelling schemes ‘not helpful’

Farmers don’t have to choose between lowering environmental impact and improving welfare for their pigs, a new study has found: it is possible to do both. But this is not reflected in the current food labelling schemes relied on by consumers.
Medieval silver coins.

Features - Medieval money mystery solved

New tests reveal the origins of Europe’s revolutionary silver coins. Byzantine bullion fuelled Europe’s revolutionary adoption of silver coins in the mid-7th century, only to be overtaken by silver from a mine in Charlemagne’s Francia.


Concerts, lectures, sports events, and more

Panel discussion - Is democracy dying? – Wednesday 24 April

The second Vice-Chancellor’s Dialogues grapples with the question, 'Is liberal democracy dying?'. Hosted by Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Prentice and chaired by the Master of Selwyn College.

Online - Subject Masterclasses - until Monday 29 April

If you're currently studying for your A levels, sign up for one of our Subject Masterclasses to experience typical undergraduate teaching at Cambridge.

Exhibitions - Murder by the book – until Saturday 24 August

This exhibition at the University Library unravels the history and popularity of British crime fiction. It includes some of the most influential, best-selling and famous crime novels in the UK.

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