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Postgraduate students operate on the basis of the Academic Year, which extends beyond the end of the Easter Term. The Academic Year commences on 1 October and finishes on 30 September each year.

Year Full Michaelmas Term Full Lent Term Easter day Full Easter Term
2023-24 Tues 3 Oct to Fri 1 Dec Tues 16 Jan to Fri 15 Mar 31 Mar Tues 23 Apr to Fri 14 Jun
2024-25 Tues 8 Oct to Fri 6 Dec Tues 21 Jan to Fri 21 Mar 20 Apr Tues 29 Apr to Fri 20 Jun
2025-26 Tues 7 Oct to Fri 5 Dec Tues 20 Jan to Fri 20 Mar 5 Apr Tues 28 Apr to Fri 19 Jun
2026-27 Tues 6 Oct to Fri 4 Dec Tues 19 Jan to Fri 19 Mar 28 Mar Tues 27 Apr to Fri 18 Jun
2027-28 Tues 5 Oct to Fri 3 Dec Tues 18 Jan to Fri 17 Mar 16 Apr Tues 25 Apr to Fri 16 Jun
2028-29 Tues 3 Oct to Fri 1 Dec Tues 16 Jan to Fri 16 Mar 1 Apr Tues 24 Apr to Fri 15 Jun
2029-30 Tues 2 Oct to Fri 30 Nov Tues 15 Jan to Fri 15 Mar 21 Apr Tues 23 Apr to Fri 14 Jun


Division of Term is half-way through Term (not Full Term). The dates are the same for every year except for Easter Term: 9 November, 13 February, and 14 May or 21 May (depending on whether Easter Term starts on 10 April or 17 April).

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From the Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge

  • The Michaelmas Term shall begin on 1 October and shall consist of eighty days, ending on 19 December. The Lent Term shall begin on 5 January and shall consist of eighty days, ending on 25 March or in any leap year on 24 March. The Easter Term shall begin on 10 April and shall consist of seventy days ending on 18 June, provided that in any year in which full Easter Term begins on or after 22 April the Easter Term shall begin on 17 April and end on 25 June.
  • Full Term shall consist of three-fourths of the whole term reckoned from the first day of Full Term as hereinafter determined.

Go to the Statutes and Ordinances 2019, Chapter 2, Section 11

Degree ceremony dates

Dates for degree ceremonies (including General Admission, the degree ceremony mainly for undergraduate awards) are listed separately. Graduands should check with their College's Praelector to find on which of the dates their College will be represented.

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