Welcome to the Cambridge Festival coordinators' page

Mailing list

We send out updates to all event coordinators on a regular basis. If you would like to be added please contact us: cambridgefestival@admin.cam.ac.uk

Submitting an event for the Festival

All coordinators must submit their events into our Event Management System (EMS). We have created a full user guide to EMS to help with your submission.

The deadline for submitting events is 16 October 2020.

External organisations should contact the Festival Managers as soon as possible to discuss their involvement in the Festival.

Please adhere to the University of Cambridge editorial house style when entering content to the EMS.

Key dates



First online coordinators meeting

Email us to find out more and register your attendance

17 June 2020

10am - 11am
(Q&A session until 11.30am)

Cambridge Festival Event Management System (EMS) open for event submission  August 2020

Second coordinators meeting

Email us to find out more and register your attendance

23 September 2020

10am - 11am
(Q&A session until 11.30am)

EMS event submission deadline  16 October 2020
Programme published online Mid January 2021
Third coordinators meeting

20 January 2021

10am - 11am
(Q&A session until 11.30am)

Deadline for risk assessments and public liability insurance documents 

24 January 2021
Bookings open Mid February 2021
Cambridge Festival 2021 26 March - 4 April 2021



We hope you will plan to collect feedback on your activity.

In order to assist with evaluating your event and the Festival as a whole, the team is currently investigating evaluation methods for online events and will provide new evaluation tools for 2021. We will update coordinators when this is available. 

Copyright compliance

Please adhere to guidelines on copyright compliance in any materials related to your event. If you are internal to the University of Cambridge, information can be found on the Copyright Compliance page in the Guidance Section of the Legal Services website.

If you need copyright-free photos to advertise your event, the websites below have images that are free to use, but please check each site and each image to ensure you follow the appropriate permissions: 

Creative Commons area on Flickr.com

Sir Cam on Flickr.com (get in touch with us for full size images)





Risk assessments and Public Liability Insurance

The festival team is currently developing risk assessment guidance for digital events and will be back in touch with more info.

Here are some good examples of online events/activities
(in no particular order):

Zoology Live - A mixture of films, interviews and activities available online both ‘live’ and on-demand

British Academy - 10-minute talks at lunchtime with text-based Q&A

Kettle’s Yard - Pebble Challenge – a PDF with thought-provoking hands-on activities using common household items

Museum of Classical Archaeology - Downloadable Colouring Sheets

Cambridge Science Centre @ 6 - Short hands-on demonstrations, at-home activity challenges, and Q&A sessions

Polar Museum - Homeschool challenges and ‘boredom busters’

Aspen Ideas Festival - A mixture of 20-30 minute ‘in-conversation’ videos, artistic performances, and shorter ‘big ideas’ presentations