Frequently asked questions about Cambridge Festival 2023.

Q. Will the bits and bytes training be recorded to access later?

No, I'm afraid not.
You can email us for a copy of the slides from the sessions, we will also be sharing them on Slack. We have also created a digital space where coordinators can share tips, tricks and best practice of digital engagement.
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You can find lots of helpful information on our website

Q. Will there be an opportunity to update descriptions after submitting an event?

Yes, though once your proposal has been accepted in EMS you will no longer be able to make the changes yourself and will need to contact us with any updates.

Q. If we want to pencil in an in person drop-in event, how do we do that?

In the first instance, we would ask you to submit only events that are possible to deliver in the current social distancing circumstances. If the circumstances change nearer the time, we will then be able to look at offering pop-up in-person events.

Q. If we are live streaming, how can we monitor attendance and how can we effectively collect feedback?

This will depend on the platform you use to stream and what type of feedback you are hoping to collect for your event. The Festival team is developing an evaluation toolkit that you can use to collect feedback from different types of events and activities. We will share more information on this as soon as we have it.

Q. If the Festival is all online, will there still be a printed brochure?


Q. Does the additional technical details deadline include event registration/joining links, or do they need to be in for the October deadline?

Registration links and joining links need to be submitted by 11th December at the latest.

Q. Where should we add the registration link in EMS?

Please include your registration link in the booking tab in ‘URL’ and select recommended or required at the top.

Q. Will there be a different theme each year?

Themes will be the same year-on-year: Society, Health, Environment, and Explore!

When you submit your event, be sure to specify which theme (up to two) that your event sits within. You can still choose any topic/research subject area for your event, and then indicate which theme it sits within.


Q. Do we have to determine and organise the digital platform we use?


Q. Will there be a central place where participants can access our resources, videos, etc?

Yes the Cambridge Festival website - we will keep you up to date with more information about this soon

Q. Do you have examples of digital events and recommended platforms?

Yes, you can find lots of helpful examples and information on our coordinators web page We have also created a digital space where coordinators can share tips, tricks and best practice of digital engagement.
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You can also view events from the 2021 Festival and 2022 Festival on our YouTube. 

Q. Can events be pre-recorded or 'recycled', previously hosted events or is it only 'new' events that can be part of the festival?

Yes, it is fine to ‘recycle’ previously hosted events for the Festival.