Charles Emogor: Going All-in on Public Engagement

23 May 2022

Since his first internship as a wildlife conservation scientist, Charles has been engaging the public about endangered species. Not afraid to ask for help, tirelessly fundraising, and hunting down engagement opportunities, Charles is now invited to engage people through the media and in schools...

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Questers, are you ready...

20 May 2022

Explore the science behind Cambridge - from Dorothy Hodgkin, who identified the structure of insulin to Alan Turning, who devised a theory of morphogenesis - in a new interactive trail.

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Alex Loktionov: A Public Engagement Lighthouse

20 Dec 2021

From fortune-telling in an Assyrian-inspired fish costume at the Festival of Ideas when an undergrad, Alex is now a go-to person for outreach events on Egyptology in the Department of Archaeology and across many colleges and University projects. Shining a light on the ancient world in school...

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Clare Oliver-Williams: a Public Engagement Explorer

07 Dec 2021

Since her PhD, Clare said yes to any opportunity to build her confidence and communication skills. Collaborating with art professionals and supported by an enthusiastic network, she blazed her trail to deliver to women who experienced pregnancy complications the call to action arising from her...

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The social scientist who inadvertently became a poet

25 Mar 2022

At the age of thirteen Mona Jebril found herself stranded in Gaza, becoming a refugee for the second time in her life. Her talent and determination brought her to Cambridge where she became the first Gates Cambridge Scholar from the Gaza Strip. She completed her PhD in education in 2017. Today...

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Benin Bronze at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge


How Danika Parikh brought the voices of historically excluded communities into the galleries of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

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