Touring CHaOS

30 Mar 2005

Cambridge Hands-on Science is going on a three-day tour to Southend-on-Sea.

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Tonight: Future Histories of Science

23 Mar 2005

We have seen some dramatic changes in science during the last 50 years or so that have changed our lives. From the Internet to mobile telephony to the discovery of DNA we have come to take for granted knowledge and technologies that our great-grandparents wouldn’t have imagined.

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Tonight- Iris Recognition: the window to the soul?

21 Mar 2005

We have all seen it in futuristic films and wondered when Iris Recognition technologies will replace picture IDs across the board. What some of us may not know, however, is that the algorithms that form the basis of all iris recognition systems were developed by Dr John Daugman, Reader in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition at the University of Cambridge.

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Cambridge Scientists on the Road

14 Mar 2005

University of Cambridge academics will be visiting schools throughout the county this week giving pupils the opportunity to see the fun side of science.

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