Feedback and general contact details

Please send comments, corrections and/or suggestions to We will do our best to forward more general comments and questions to other parts of the University, but it will be quicker if you contact them direct.

A number of useful contact addresses and phone numbers are listed on this page. If you cannot find the telephone number you require, the phone number of the University switchboard is (01223) 337733.

Full lists of all Departments and Colleges are available. Email addresses for staff and students can be found in the email directory.

Undergraduate applications

Information about undergraduate courses and admissions is available online. Email queries about undergraduate admissions or courses should go either to the college concerned or to

Graduate applications

Information about admissions to graduate courses and research degrees is available online. Email queries about graduate admissions should go either to the college concerned or to

Press enquiries

Contact details for the media are listed on the Communications pages.

How to find the University

The Colleges and all parts of the University are spread over a large area of the city and surrounding area. The University has an indexed map, which is available online and can also be purchased on paper from the Press Bookshop, 1 Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1SZ (
Links to the main sites are as follows:

Computing enquiries and reporting problems

University Information Services (UIS) has web pages at Enquiries to Questions and support about Computing facilities to

To report computer security problems originating from within see the information Information about Cambridge Computer Emergency Response Team is at and there is a form for Cambridge users to report incidents.

Detailed contact information & list of contacts

The central address for University business is:
The Old Schools,
Trinity Lane,
Cambridge CB2 1TN

Central University Switchboard +44 (0)1223 337733

A full list of all Departments and Colleges are available. Email addresses for staff and students can be found in the email directory.

Below is a list of some of the most commonly requested telephone numbers in the University. Prefix the number with the STD code 01223 (+44 1223 from outside the UK) unless another code is given. There is also a more detailed list of contacts in the administrative offices for those that have a more accurate contact requirement.

Office Telephone  
Academic affairs 332200
(Academic Division)
Accommodation 338099
(Accommodation Service)
Adult Education (01223) 746222
(Institute of Continuing Education)
Alumni 332288
(Cambridge Alumni Relations Office)
Applications (undergraduate) 333308
(Cambridge Admissions Office)
Applications (postgraduate) 760606
(Board of Graduate Studies)
Buildings 337770
(Estate Management)
Cambridge Enterprise 760339
Careers advice 338288
(Careers Service)
Childcare Office 339905
(Childcare Officer)
Communications Office, for all media enquiries 332300
Computing matters 334600
(Information Services)
Network & email security
Counselling Service 332865
Data Protection/FOI Office 764142
Disability Resource Centre 332301

765999 (Helpdesk)

766631 (Training)

Fire Safety Unit 337822
Fundraising 332288
(Development Office)
Health and Safety Division 333301
Job Opportunities (Human Resources)
(Temporary Employment Service)
Old Schools Reception 332200
Personal and Professional Development 332343
Proctors 761561
(Junior Proctor)
(Senior Proctor)
(Motor Proctor)
Procurement Services 332233
Registrary 332200
Research Office 333543
Security Office 331818
Student Registry 766302
Students' Union 333313
Telephone numbers 337733
University Library 333000
Vice-Chancellor's Office 332291

University of Cambridge examinations

English language courses

The University does not run any general English language courses. The Language Centre of the University of Cambridge does offer English for Academic Purposes Pre-sessional and In-sessional programmes for incoming post-graduate students from abroad. For more information, please visit the Language Centre's website:

Subjects you can't study here

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) is not available as a single course, although the individual subjects are (see There are a number of popular subjects that are not studied in the University at undergraduate level. The most commonly requested are accountancy, business management, nursing, dentistry, theatre studies or drama, pharmacy, physiotherapy, optometry and midwifery. Please go to the UCAS website to find Universities where you can pursue them. 

Publications from Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press has its own web site at Enquiries to