Past figures honoured have included Albert Einstein, Max Planck, General Eisenhower and Field Marshal Montgomery, and more recently Mother Teresa, Barbara Castle and Nelson Mandela. HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother was the first woman to be honoured, in 1948.

Selected honorands by theme

In more recent years, recipients have included:


  • Their Majesties The King and Queen of Spain (1988)

Heads of State, political and international leaders

  • His Excellency António Guterres (2021)
  • His Excellency Ban Ki-moon (2016)
  • Senator George Mitchell (2010)
  • The Baroness Williams of Crosby (2009)
  • Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India (2006)
  • President Kim Dae-Jung of South Korea (2001)
  • Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany (1998)
  • President Cardoso of Brazil (1997)
  • The Baroness Boothroyd (1994)
  • President Richard von Weizsacker of Germany (1994)
  • President Shankar Sharma of India (1993)
  • President Mary Robinson of Eire (1991)
  • His Excellency Perez de Cuellar (1989)

Leadership and public service

  • The Baroness (Doreen) Lawrence of Clarendon (2019)
  • Lord (Adair) Turner of Ecchinswell (2017)
  • The Baroness (Tanni) Grey-Thompson (2016)


  • Justice Albie Sachs (2014)
  • The Lord Judge (2012)
  • Judge Shirin Ebadi (2011)
  • The Baroness Hale of Richmond (2005)
  • The Lord Woolf (2002)
  • The Baroness Butler-Sloss (2000)
  • Dame Rosalyn Higgins (1996)
  • Sir Robert Jennings (1993)
  • The Lord Mackay of Clashfern (1989)

Science and mathematics

  • Dr (Dame) Jane Goodall (2019)
  • Professor Dame Frances Ashcroft (2018)
  • Sophie Wilson (2017)
  • The Lord Rees of Ludlow (2014)
  • Dr Catherine Cesarsky (2014)
  • Professor Daniel Kahneman (2013)
  • Professor Ada Yonath (2013)
  • Professor Roger Tsien (2012)
  • Professor Peter Higgs (2012)
  • Sir Andrew Wiles (2010)
  • Professor Elizabeth Blackburn (2009)
  • Sir John Gurdon (2007)
  • Professor Edward Witten (2006)
  • Professor Carl Djerassi (2005)
  • Sir Paul Nurse (2003)
  • Sir John Sulston (2003)
  • Sir Robert Edwards (2001)
  • The Honourable Miriam Rothschild (1999)
  • Sir Aaron Klug (1998)
  • Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell (1996)
  • Professor Stephen Hawking (1989)


  • Rabbi The Baroness (Julia) Neuberger (2015)
  • Anita Lasker Wallfisch (2011)
  • His Highness The Aga Khan (2009)
  • Archbishop John Sentamu (2008)
  • Archbishop Rowan Williams(2006)
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu (1999)
  • Chief Rabbi Dr Jonathan Sacks (1993)

Arts, humanities and economics

  • Professor Marilynne Robinson (2019)
  • Sir Mark Elder (2019)
  • Professor Ira Katznelson (2018)
  • Professor Joanna MacGregor (2016)
  • Sir John Eliot Gardiner (2015)
  • Sir Ian McKellen (2014)
  • Professor Joseph Stiglitz (2013)
  • Dame Hilary Mantel (2013)
  • Mario Vargas Llosa (2013)
  • Alfred Brendel (2012)
  • Sir Trevor Nunn (2011)
  • Sir Geoffrey Hill (2010)
  • Professor Amartya Sen (2009)
  • Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (2009)
  • The Baroness O’Neill of Bengarve (2007)
  • David Hockney (2007)
  • The Lord Stern (2007)
  • Dame Margaret Drabble (2006)
  • Dr Louis Cha (2005)
  • Sir Quentin Blake (2004)
  • Sir Peter Hall (2003)
  • Dame Antonia Byatt (1999)
  • Dame Kiri Te Kanawa (1997)
  • Dr Jonathan Miller (1996)
  • Professor Noam Chomsky (1995)
  • Bridget Riley (1995)
  • Jessye Norman (1989)

Business and industry

  • Dame Stephanie Shirley (2017)
  • The Baroness (Helena) Morrissey (2016)
  • Dr Yusuf Hamied (2014)
  • Ratan Tata (2010)
  • Bill and Melinda Gates (2009)
  • Gordon Moore (1999)
  • Sir Paul Judge (1995)
  • Sir John Bradfield (1992)

List of all honorands since 1977


Honorary graduates for 2023
Name Degree Year
Stephen J Toope Doctor of Law 2023
Ravinder Maini Doctor of Medical Science 2023
Chris Frith Doctor of Science 2023
Julia Slingo Doctor of Science 2023
John C Taylor Doctor of Science 2023
Linda Colley Doctor of Letters 2023
Lida Lopes Cardozo Kindersley Doctor of Letters 2023
Chi-chi Nwanoku Doctor of Music 2023


Honorary graduates for 2022
Name Degree Year
Kwame Anthony Appiah Doctor of Letters 2022
Wole Soyinka Doctor of Letters 2022


Honorary graduates for 2021
Name Degree Year
António Guterres Doctor of Law 2021
Edith Heard* Doctor of Science 2021
Roger Penrose* Doctor of Science 2021
Elizabeth Jane Robertson* Doctor of Science 2021
John Ernest Walker* Doctor of Science 2021
Henry Louis Gates Jr* Doctor of Letters 2021
Simon Michael Schama* Doctor of Letters 2021
Alison May Smith* Doctor of Letters 2021
Judith Weir* Doctor of Music 2021

Exceptionally, degrees formally conferred in absence but then celebrated ceremonially in 2022


No degrees conferred


Honorary graduates for 2019
Name Degree Year
Baroness (Doreen) Lawrence of Clarendon Doctor of Law 2019
Rosemary Cramp Doctor of Science 2019
Jane Goodall Doctor of Science 2019
Michael Levitt Doctor of Science 2019
Angus Deaton Doctor of Letters 2019
Marilynne Robinson Doctor of Letters 2019
Mark Elder Doctor of Music 2019
Joan Winterkorn Master of Arts 2019


Honorary graduates for 2018
Name Degree Year
Leszek Borysiewicz Doctor of Law 2018
Frances Ashcroft Doctor of Medical 2018
Emmanuelle Marie Charpentier Doctor of Science 2018
Venkatraman Ramakrishnan Doctor of Science 2018
Michael Edwards Doctor of Letters 2018
Robert Evans Doctor of Letters 2018
Ira Katznelson Doctor of Letters 2018
Joyce Reynolds Doctor of Letters 2018


Honorary graduates for 2017
Name Degree Year
Malcolm Grant Doctor of Law 2017
Lord (Adair) Turner of Ecchinswell Doctor of Law 2017
Jean-Marie Lehn Doctor of Science 2017
Eric Maskin Doctor of Science 2017
Janet Rossant Doctor of Science 2017
Stephanie Shirley Doctor of Science 2017
Sophie Wilson Doctor of Science 2017
Manuel Castells Doctor of Letters 2017


Honorary graduates for 2016
Name Degree Year
Ban Ki-moon Doctor of Law 2016
Baroness (Tanni) Grey-Thompson Doctor of Law 2016
Helena Morrissey Doctor of Law 2016
Keith Peters Doctor of Medical 2016
Jonathan Ive Doctor of Science 2016
Nicholas Hytner Doctor of Letters 2016
Nicholas Serota Doctor of Letters 2016
Joanna MacGregor Doctor of Music 2016
Hugh Duberly Master of Arts 2016
Susan Edwards Master of Arts 2016


Honorary graduates for 2015
Name Degree Year
Baroness (Julia) Neuberger Doctor of Divinity 2015
Hisashi Owada Doctor of Law 2015
James Mirrlees Doctor of Science 2015
Michael Rawlins Doctor of Science 2015
Neil MacGregor Doctor of Letters 2015
Paula Rego Doctor of Letters 2015
Judith Jarvis Thomson Doctor of Letters 2015
John Eliot Gardiner Doctor of Music 2015


Honorary graduates for 2014
Name Degree Year
Albie Sachs Doctor of Law 2014
Catherine Cesarsky Doctor of Science 2014
Yusuf Hamied Doctor of Science 2014
Dan McKenzie Doctor of Science 2014
Lord (Martin) Rees of Ludlow Doctor of Science 2014
Ian McKellen Doctor of Letters 2014
Mitsuko Uchida Doctor of Music 2014
Joy Seddon Master of Arts 2014


Honorary graduates for 2013
Name Degree Year
Daniel Kahneman Doctor of Science 2013
Joseph Stiglitz Doctor of Science 2013
Harold Varmus Doctor of Science 2013
Ada Yonath Doctor of Science 2013
John Elliott Doctor of Letters 2013
Hilary Mantel Doctor of Letters 2013
Jonathan Spence Doctor of Letters 2013
Mario Vargas Llosa Doctor of Letters 2013


Honorary graduates for 2012
Name Degree Year
Lord (Igor) Judge Doctor of Law 2012
Brigitte Askonas Doctor of Science 2012
Uta Frith Doctor of Science 2012
Richard Gardner Doctor of Science 2012
Peter Higgs Doctor of Science 2012
Roger Tsien Doctor of Science 2012
Phillip King Doctor of Letters 2012
Alfred Brendel Doctor of Music 2012
Raymond Murphy Master of Arts 2012


Honorary graduates for 2011
Name Degree Year
Anita Lasker Wallfisch Doctor of Divinity 2011
Shirin Ebadi Doctor of Law 2011
Martin John Evans Doctor of Law* 2011
Alison Fettes Richard Doctor of Law 2011
Mildred Spiewak Dresselhaus Doctor of Science 2011
Peter Mansfield Doctor of Science 2011
Trevor Nunn Doctor of Letters 2011
Colin Davis Doctor of Music 2011


Honorary graduates for 2010
Name Degree Year
George John Mitchell Doctor of Law 2010
Ratan Naval Tata Doctor of Law 2010
Louise Napier Johnson Doctor of Science 2010
Andrew John Wiles Doctor of Science 2010
Geoffrey William Hill Doctor of Letters 2010
Richard Sennett Doctor of Letters 2010
Harrison Birtwistle Doctor of Music 2010
Evelyn Elizabeth Ann Glennie Doctor of Music 2010


Honorary graduates for 2009
Name Degree Year
His Highness Prince Karim al Hussaini Aga Khan Doctor of Divinity 2009
Melinda French Gates Doctor of Law 2009
William Henry Gates III Doctor of Law 2009
Baroness (Shirley) Williams of Crosby Doctor of Law 2009
Elizabeth Helen Blackburn Doctor of Science 2009
Wallace Smith Broecker Doctor of Science 2009
Peter Robert Crane Doctor of Science 2009
Amartya Kumar Sen Doctor of Letters 2009
Wang Gungwu Doctor of Letters 2009
Peter Maxwell Davies Doctor of Music 2009
Allan Brigham Master of Arts 2009
Miles Hunt-Davis Master of Arts 2009


Honorary graduates for 2008
Name Degree Year
John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu Doctor of Divinity 2008
David Gross Doctor of Science 2008
Ralph Harry Robins Doctor of Science 2008
Herman Waldmann Doctor of Science 2008
Christopher Jarvis Haley Hogwood Doctor of Music 2008


Honorary graduates for 2007
Name Degree Year
Hans Martin Blix Doctor of Law 2007
Ann Cotton Doctor of Law 2007
Baroness (Onora Sylvia) O'Neill of Bengarve Doctor of Law 2007
Nicholas Herbert Stern Doctor of Science 2007
John Bertrand Gurdon Doctor of Science 2007
Richard Erskine Frere Leakey Doctor of Letters 2007
David Hockney Doctor of Letters 2007
(Muriel) Claire Tomalin Doctor of Letters 2007


Honorary graduates for 2006
Name Degree Year
Rowan Douglas Williams Doctor of Divinity 2006
Mervyn Allister King Doctor of Law 2006
Njabulo Simakahle Ndebele Doctor of Law 2006
Manmohan Singh Doctor of Law 2006
Charles Marstiller Vest Doctor of Law 2006
Edward Witten Doctor of Science 2006
Ahmed Zewail Doctor of Science 2006
Margaret Drabble Doctor of Letters 2006


Honorary graduates for 2005
Name Degree Year
Baroness (Brenda Marjorie) Hale of Richmond Doctor of Law 2005
Brian Edward Urquhart Doctor of Law 2005
Carl Djerassi Doctor of Science 2005
Louis Cha Doctor of Letters 2005
David Crystal Doctor of Letters 2005
David Hare Doctor of Letters 2005


Honorary graduates for 2004
Name Degree Year
Margaret Joan Anstee Doctor of Law 2004
Lord (Alec Nigel) Broers Doctor of Law 2004
Howard Robert Horvitz Doctor of Science 2004
David John Weatherall Doctor of Science 2004
Quentin Saxton Blake Doctor of Letters 2004
Peter Robert Lamont Brown Doctor of Letters 2004
David Lockwood Doctor of Letters 2004
John Philip William Dankworth Doctor of Music 2004
Cleo Laine Doctor of Music 2004


Honorary graduates for 2003
Name Degree Year
Olga Kennard Doctor of Law 2003
Stroud Francis Charles (Toby) Milsom Doctor of Law 2003
Alan Graham Macdiarmid Doctor of Science 2003
Paul Maxime Nurse Doctor of Science 2003
John Edward Sulston Doctor of Science 2003
Anthony Mark David Gormley Doctor of Letters 2003
Peter Reginald Frederick Hall Doctor of Letters 2003
John Adams Doctor of Music 2003


Honorary graduates for 2002
Name Degree Year
Harry Kenneth Woolf Doctor of Law 2002
Rhoda Mary Dorsey Doctor of Law 2002
Mary Brenda Hesse Doctor of Science 2002
Richard Timothy Hunt Doctor of Science 2002
Marjorie McCallum Chibnall Doctor of Letters 2002
Bernard Arthur Owen Williams Doctor of Letters 2002


Honorary graduates for 2001
Name Degree Year
Sydney Brenner Doctor of Law 2001
Kim Dae-Jung Doctor of Law 2001
Mamphele Aletta Ramphele Doctor of Law 2001
Robert Geoffrey Edwards Doctor of Science 2001
Samuel Frederick Edwards Doctor of Science 2001
John Anthony Pople Doctor of Science 2001
Margaret Attwood Doctor of Letters 2001
Michael Frayn Doctor of Letters 2001
David Kellogg Lewis Doctor of Letters 2001


Honorary graduates for 2000
Name Degree Year
Peter Michael Beckwith Doctor of Law 2000
Elizabeth Butler-Sloss Doctor of Law 2000
Edward Alan John George Doctor of Law 2000
Brenda Milner Doctor of Law* 2000
Elias James Corey Doctor of Science 2000
Gurdev Singh Khush Doctor of Science 2000
Denis Rooke Doctor of Science 2000
Tom Stoppard Doctor of Letters 2000
Alexander Goehr Doctor of Music 2000
David Rubio Master of Arts 2000


Honorary graduates for 1999
Name Degree Year
Desmond Mpilo Tutu Doctor of Divinity 1999
Li Ka-Shing Doctor of Law 1999
Sadako Ogata Doctor of Law 1999
Miriam Louisa Rothschild Doctor of Science 1999
César Milstein Doctor of Science 1999
Gordon Moore Doctor of Science 1999
Antonia Susan Byatt Doctor of Letters 1999
Jürgen Habermas Doctor of Letters 1999
Colin Alexander St John Wilson Doctor of Letters 1999
Sheila Overhill Master of Arts 1999


Honorary graduates for 1988
Name Degree Year
Baroness (Barbara Anne) Castle of Blackburn Doctor of Law 1998
Helmut Kohl Doctor of Law 1998
Aaron Klug Doctor of Law 1998
Raymond Sackler Doctor of Law 1998
Rita Levi-Montalcini Doctor of Science 1998
Anne Laura McLaren Doctor of Science 1998
Natalie Zemon Davis Doctor of Letters 1998
Henry William Rawson Wade Doctor of Letters 1998


Honorary graduates for 1997
Name Degree Year
Wolfhart Ulrich Pannenburg Doctor of Divinity 1997
Fernando Henrique Cardoso Doctor of Law 1997
John Cowdery Kendrew Doctor of Law 1997
David John Sainsbury Doctor of Law 1997
David Glyndwr Tudor Williams Doctor of Law 1997
Ray Milton Dolby Doctor of Science 1997
Clifford Geertz Doctor of Letters 1997
Helen Hennessy Vendler Doctor of Letters 1997
Kiri Te Kanawa Doctor of Music 1997
Michael James Petty Master of Arts 1997


Honorary graduates for 1996
Name Degree Year
Anthony of Sourozh Doctor of Divinity 1996
Alan Howard Cotterell Doctor of Law 1996
Rosalyn Higgins Doctor of Law 1996
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Doctor of Law 1996
Arthur Gregory George Marshall Doctor of Law 1996
Hamish Walter Hyslop Maxwell Doctor of Law 1996
Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell Doctor of Science 1996
Anthony Hewish Doctor of Science 1996
Jonathan Wolfe Miller Doctor of Letters 1996
Winton Basil Dean Doctor of Music 1996


Honorary graduates for 1995
Name Degree Year
Paul Rupert Judge Doctor of Law 1995
Lord (Peter Raymond) Oliver of Aylmerton Doctor of Law 1995
Jacques Friedel Doctor of Science 1995
Sheila Patricia Violet Sherlock Doctor of Science 1995
Avram Noam Chomsky Doctor of Letters 1995
Bridget Louise Riley Doctor of Letters 1995
Keith Vivian Thomas Doctor of Letters 1995
Glanville Llewellyn Williams Doctor of Letters 1995
Winifred Muriel McDonald Master of Arts 1995
Sumio Saito Master of Arts 1995


Honorary graduates for 1994
Name Degree Year
Robert Henry Alexander Eames Doctor of Divinity 1994
Betty Boothroyd Doctor of Law 1994
George Adrian Hayhurst Cadbury Doctor of Law 1994
Jocelyn Edward Salis Doctor of Law 1994
Richard Von Weizsäcker Doctor of Law 1994
Douglas Andrew Kilgour Black Doctor of Science 1994
Nevill Francis Mott Doctor of Science 1994
Margaret Natalie Cross Smith Doctor of Letters 1994
Claudio Abbado Doctor of Music 1994


Honorary graduates for 1993
Name Degree Year
Jonathan Henry Sacks Doctor of Divinity 1993
Philip Grierson Doctor of Law 1993
Robert Yewdall Jennings Doctor of Law 1993
David Kwok Po Li Doctor of Law 1993
Lord (George) Porter of Luddenham Doctor of Law 1993
Shankar Dayal Sharma Doctor of Law 1993
Margaret Elizabeth Harvey Turner-Warwick Doctor of Science 1993
James Dewey Watson Doctor of Science 1993
Maurice Vincent Wilkes Doctor of Science 1993
Jean Iris Murdoch Doctor of Letters 1993
Eric Silk Master of Arts 1993


Honorary graduates for 1992
Name Degree Year
John Richard Grenfell Bradfield Doctor of Law 1992
Geoffrey Rudolph Elton Doctor of Law 1992
Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza Doctor of Science 1992
Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield Doctor of Science 1992
Jacques Derrida Doctor of Letters 1992
Nadine Gordimer Doctor of Letters 1992
Ninette de Valois Doctor of Music 1992
Charles Rosen Doctor of Music 1992


Honorary graduates for 1991
Name Degree Year
Alan Lloyd Hodgkin Doctor of Law 1991
Lionel Alexander Bethune (Alastair) Pilkington Doctor of Law 1991
Mary Robinson Doctor of Law 1991
Dorothy Enid Cole Wedderburn Doctor of Law 1991
Paul Erdos Doctor of Science 1991
Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Doctor of Science 1991
Alec Guinness Doctor of Letters 1991
Stefan Heym Doctor of Letters 1991
John Leslie Martin Doctor of Letters 1991


Honorary graduates for 1990
Name Degree Year
David Stuart Sheppard Doctor of Divinity 1990
Derek John Harford Worlock Doctor of Divinity 1990
Robin Brunskill Cooke Doctor of Law 1990
Helen Suzman Doctor of Law 1990
Charles William Oatley Doctor of Science 1990
Lord (Francis Leonard) Tombs of Brailes Doctor of Science 1990
Georges Michel Claude Duby Doctor of Letters 1990
Andrew Ronald Blackwood Master of Arts 1990
Alfred Harry King Master of Arts 1990
Leslie Robert Peters Master of Arts 1990


Honorary graduates for 1989
Name Degree Year
Martin Hengel Doctor of Divinity 1989
Lord (James Peter Hymers) Mackay of Clashfern Doctor of Law 1989
Javier Pérez de Cuéllar Doctor of Law 1989
Baroness (Sue) Ryder of Warsaw Doctor of Law 1989
Herchel Smith Doctor of Science 1989
Stephen William Hawking Doctor of Science 1989
Richard Charles Cobb Doctor of Letters 1989
Jessye Norman Doctor of Music 1989
Flora Eileen McLeod Carey Master of Arts 1989


Honorary graduates for 1988
Name Degree Year
Charles Francis Digby Moule Doctor of Divinity 1988
Lord (Donald Oliver) Soper Doctor of Divinity 1988
Alice Rosemary Murray Doctor of Law 1988
Baroness (Beryl Catherine) Platt of Writtle Doctor of Law 1988
King of Spain Juan Carlos I Doctor of Law 1988
Queen of Spain Sofia Doctor of Law 1988
Philip Vallentine Tobias Doctor of Science 1988
Kenneth Ewart Boulding Doctor of Science 1988
Alfred Alistair Cooke Doctor of Letters 1988
Elisabeth Frink Doctor of Letters 1988
Kenneth Oliver Rickson Master of Arts 1988


Honorary graduates for 1987
Name Degree Year
John Henry Harvey-Jones Doctor of Law 1987
Alexander John Mackenzie Stuart Doctor of Law 1987
Wilhelm Sigmund Feldberg Doctor of Science 1987
Mary Douglas Leakey Doctor of Science 1987
Rex Edward Richards Doctor of Science 1987
William Owen Chadwick Doctor of Letters 1987
Carlos Fuentes Doctor of Letters 1987
Witold Lutoslawski Doctor of Music 1987
Charles Bernard Denston Master of Arts 1987
Frank Robert Collieson Master of Arts 1987


Honorary graduates for 1986
Name Degree Year
Cicely Saunders Doctor of Law 1986
André Robert Tunc Doctor of Law 1986
Frank Albert Cotton Doctor of Science 1986
Arnold Alexander Hall Doctor of Science 1986
Walter Munk Doctor of Science 1986
Edward James Hughes Doctor of Letters 1986
Gregory Vlastos Doctor of Letters 1986
George Albert Clarke Master of Arts 1986


Honorary graduates for 1985
Name Degree Year
Hans Küng Doctor of Divinity 1985
Shridath Surendranath Ramphal Doctor of Law 1985
Baroness (Barbara Frances) Wootton of Abinger Doctor of Law 1985
Peter Dennis Mitchell Docor of Science 1985
Abdus Salam Doctor of Science 1985
Kenneth Joseph Arrow Doctor of Letters 1985
Anthony Alfred Caro Doctor of Letters 1985
Nino Pirrotta Doctor of Music 1985


Honorary graduates for 1984
Name Degree Year
John Stapylton Habgood Doctor of Divinity 1984
Thijmen Koopmans Doctor of Law 1984
Lord (Geoffrey Dawson) Lane Doctor of Law 1984
Michael Francis Atiyah Doctor of Science 1984
David Frederick Attenborough Doctor of Science 1984
Jorge Luis Borges Doctor of Letters 1984
Robert Syme Doctor of Letters 1984
Janet Abbott Baker Doctor of Music 1984


Honorary graduates for 1983
Name Degree Year
Viscount (Robert Andrew) Caldecote Doctor of Law 1983
Paul Mellon Doctor of Law 1983
Helmut Schmidt Doctor of Law 1983
Frederick Sanger Doctor of Science 1983
Marthe Louise Vogt Doctor of Science 1983
Bernhard Bischoff Doctor of Letters 1983
Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul Doctor of Letters 1983
Elliott Cook Carter Doctor of Music 1983
Norman Charles Buck Master of Arts 1983


Honorary graduates for 1982
Name Degree Year
Lord (Cyril Barnet) Salmon of Sandwich Doctor of Law 1982
Leonard Gordon Wolfson Doctor of Law 1982
Manfred Eigen Doctor of Science 1982
Stanley George Hooker Doctor of Science 1982
Ernst Mayr Doctor of Science 1982
Barbara McClintock Doctor of Science 1982
Sydney Morris Cockerell Doctor of Letters 1982
Joseph Needham Doctor of Letters 1982
Franco Venturi Doctor of Letters 1982
Cecil Frederick Coote Master of Arts 1982
William Arthur Reeve Master of Arts 1982


Honorary graduates for 1981
Name Degree Year
Robert Alexander Kennedy Runcie Doctor of Divinity 1981
Lord (Peter Alexander Rupert) Carrington Doctor of Law 1981
David Daube Doctor of Law 1981
George Evelyn Hutchinson Doctor of Science 1981
Max Ferdinand Perutz Doctor of Science 1981
Raymond Claude Ferdinand Aron Doctor of Letters 1981
Helen Louise Gardner Doctor of Letters 1981
George Edward Charles Porter Master of Arts 1981


Honorary graduates for 1980
Name Degree Year
Paul Joseph James Martin Doctor of Law 1980
Simone Annie Veil Doctor of Law 1980
Murray Gell-Mann Doctor of Science 1980
Bernard Katz Doctor of Science 1980
Karl Raimund Popper Doctor of Letters 1980
Pierre Boulez Doctor of Music 1980


Honorary graduates for 1979
Name Degree Year
George Basil Hume Doctor of Divinity 1979
Frederick Sydney Dainton Doctor of Law 1979
Gordon William Humphreys Richardson Doctor of Law 1979
Percy Edward Kent Doctor of Science 1979
Hans Adolf Krebs Doctor of Science 1979
Lord (Alexander Robert) Todd Doctor of Science 1979
John Richard Hicks Doctor of Letters 1979
Nikolaus Bernhard Leon Pevsner Doctor of Letters 1979
Norman Cyril Rayner Master of Arts 1979


Honorary graduates for 1978
Name Degree Year
Peter Knight Walker Doctor of Divinity 1978
Kingman Brewster Doctor of Law 1978
Herbert Lionel Adolphus Hart Doctor of Law 1978
Stephan George Kuttner Doctor of Law 1978
George Douglas Hutton Bell Doctor of Science 1978
Andrew Fielding Huxley Doctor of Science 1978
Jean-Pierre Serre Doctor of Science 1978
Thomas Humphrey Marshall Doctor of Letters 1978
Willard Van Orman Quine Doctor of Letters 1978


Honorary graduates for 1977
Name Degree Year
Mother Teresa Doctor of Divinity 1977
Otto Kahn-Freund Doctor of Law 1977
Ivor Armstrong Richards Doctor of Law 1977
John Bardeen Doctor of Science 1977
Edward John Mostyn Bowlby Doctor of Science 1977
William Empson Doctor of Letters 1977
Gordon Randolph Willey Doctor of Letters 1977
George William Copp Master of Arts 1977