The University Marshal outside Senate House in 2018.

The University Reporter is the official journal of the University. It publishes a comprehensive record of University business. This includes Graces, Reports, Notices and Discussions. These constitute the main processes by which the University is governed.

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The Council presents a Grace or motion for decision to the Regent House. If no objection or amendment is made by at least 25 members of Regent House within 10 days, the Grace is deemed to have been approved.


Complex proposals are presented in Reports, which are first put up for Discussion (open debate) in the Senate House. The body responsible for originating the recommendation considers remarks made and advises Council on a response.


The Council’s response to remarks made in a Discussion is given in a Notice published in the Reporter. A Notice normally ends with the submission of a Grace to the Regent House, incorporating any amendments made following the Discussion.


Discussions are the forum where University members can comment publicly on University business. They take place on Tuesdays at 2pm and are usually held by videoconference.