The University has a central senior administrative team, responsible for the day-to-day management of the institution. Our academic, research and support staff work throughout the University and Colleges; they are crucial to the University’s success and reputation.


The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor

The Chancellor is elected for life as the constitutional head of the University although the role is now largely ceremonial. The Chancellor is elected by the Senate, which comprises all senior graduates of the University. In modern times, the Chancellor's principal public role has been the conferment of Honorary Degrees at an annual ceremony, but this is only a small aspect of his continuous overall involvement with the University. The Chancellor of the University is Lord Sainsbury of Turville.

The Vice-Chancellor is appointed for a period of seven years and is the University’s main academic and administrative officer. Dr Anthony Freeling became Acting Vice-Chancellor on 1 October 2022.



Five Pro-Vice-Chancellors are appointed to support the Vice-Chancellor. Their responsibilities are determined by the Vice-Chancellor and the Council – the University’s main executive and policy-making body – and currently include planning and resources, research and education. The office of Pro-Vice-Chancellor is limited to six years.


The Registrary

The Registrary, reporting to the Vice-Chancellor, is the principal administrative officer of the University and head of the Unified Administrative Services, which is divided into functional divisions for the day-to-day management of the University.



Two Proctors are elected annually on the nomination of the Colleges. They are primarily disciplinary and ceremonial officers, responsible for maintaining good order in the University. They are supported by four Pro-Proctors.