Aerial image of Eddington, Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is justly famous for its heritage of scholarship, historic role and magnificent architecture. This heritage supports one of the world's most important centres for teaching and research. Our collegiate structure gives a strong sense of community, and the University is determined to remain at the forefront of international scholarship and research.

Developing the University's estate

The University is undertaking the greatest expansion in its history. Through the generosity of benefactors, the University has been able to create a new science and technology campus to the west of the city centre, and is now expanding further to the north-west of Cambridge.

In order to continue to maintain its reputation as a world-leading institution, the University is investing in a North West Cambridge Development, Eddington, as part of its plan to provide the right facilities to attract and retain the best staff and researchers from across the globe. This ambitious long-term plan is transforming a 150-hectare site into a new district, part of both the University and the City.

The investment in affordable homes for University key workers, community facilities to enable residents to thrive, and a place that is rich with quality architecture and landscape is transforming the area and enabling the University to meet its growth needs into the future.

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Supporting our people

Sustaining a world-class university demands investment in new facilities, new areas of study, and most importantly, in people; continued fundraising efforts and innovative partnerships are vital. Our University celebrated its 800th anniversary in 2009, marking the legacy of eight centuries and is determined to remain among the world's greatest universities.

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