These notes briefly set out practical steps which PIs and supervisors of researchers should take when recruiting, employing and managing researchers. Fuller detail is contained in the Employment and Career Management Scheme for Researchers, which you may access from this page.

The University expects that all arrangements based on the Employment and Career Management Scheme will be embedded within departments. ('Department' is used in this guidance to refer to departments, faculties, centres and institutes). Some of the practicalities outlined in these notes will vary within departments, for example in accordance with the length of contract and seniority of individual researchers and PIs; the requirements of departments; the extent to which researchers work in groups and teams; and the security of external funding.

How to use these notes

These notes aim to highlight steps which should be taken by PIs and those which are likely to be undertaken by members of administrative staff, for example during recruitment. Practices and structures vary across the University: use these notes to find out who is responsible for what in your environment. If you have questions relating to practices in your department, please contact your departmental administrator, or equivalent, in the first instance. More detailed interpretation of this guidance may be sought from your HR School team.

The Scheme and these guidance notes refer to University policies, including intellectual property rights policy. Every effort has been taken to ensure that guidance provided here is accurate and up-to-date. Please note: where the guidance here deviates from University policy, the latter takes precedence. Links are provided in all cases.

These notes for PIs and supervisors of researchers cover:

  • selection and recruitment of researchers;
  • pay;
  • conditions of service;
  • newly appointed researchers;
  • career planning and development;
  • before funding ends.

Signposting to further information

Links are provided in these pages to sources of further information and support. These links are included as signposts: you are not expected to access them all, but may find that you are able to use them to find answers to questions relating to policy, for example, or sources of support. You may also find it helpful to be aware of the range of guidance and support that is available for researchers and for PIs.

The UK Concordat emphasises that researchers are responsible for their own progression, with appropriate support from their PIs/supervisors and institutions. You may find it helpful to know of guidance notes that are available for researchers and for heads of department and departmental administrators.

You may access notes for researchers and for institutions using the tabs at the top of this page.