The Employment and Career Management Scheme for Researchers draws on the framework of the UK Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers. It sets out clear, fundamental standards and has been designed to be adaptable to the needs of researchers, principal investigators/ supervisors of researchers, and departments, faculties, institutes and centres.

The Scheme describes full policy. You may find that the shorter reference resources which may be accessed from this page contain sufficient information for your immediate purposes:

a career management tool provides a practical guide for researchers to managing careers;
notes for PIs/supervisors of researchers set out major responsibilities in recruiting and managing researchers;
notes for heads of institutions and administrators identify institutional responsibilities.
In all cases, there are links to further information and support. These are provided as signposts, in case of need. It is not expected that you will access all of this additional information, but you may find it helpful to be aware of the range of guidance that is available for researchers, for PIs/ supervisors of researchers, and for institutions.

The Employment and Career Management Schemes, and notes, contain references to University policies, including, for example, intellectual property rights policy. Every effort has been taken to make sure that guidance is accurate and up-to-date. For the definitive statement of a policy you should, however, refer directly to the relevant University policy. Links are provided in all cases.