Ensure structures are in place to:

  1. include researchers in arrangements for career management review ('appraisal'), to review and record progress and development plans. For researchers with shorter contracts, career management review meetings should be held annually. For those with longer contracts/service, career management review meetings should be held at least ever two years. More detailed guidance concerning planning for and holding constructive career review meetings is available online;
  2. highlight forthcoming careers-related workshops and events provided by the Careers Service, the Careers Advisers for Research Staff and the Centre for Personal and Professional Development;
  3. trigger, when notified, the University's procedures for supporting staff coming to the end of fixed-term or open-ended contracts. Guidance is available online concerning consultation and notice periods for both fixed-term and open-ended contracts. Note that the expiry or non-renewal of a fixed term contract is a dismissal in law on the grounds of redundancy. This means that statutory dismissal procedures apply to staff on fixed term contracts. Failure to observe the minimum steps in the University's procedure for the ending of fixed-term contracts could mean that a dismissal is automatically deemed to be unfair and taken to a tribunal;
  4. as part of the procedure for ending a fixed-term contract, arrange a formal consultation meeting at the beginning of the final third* of the fixed-term contract or funded period. Structures should enable follow-up and support, where necessary.

* For contracts of 12 months or fewer, it is appropriate to keep the researcher informed of the funding situation on an on-going basis.