You should set up initial face-to-face meeting to clarify:

  • details of the role;
  • the degree of freedom for pursuing the research objectives;
  • any confidentiality and/or intellectual property constraints, including any constraints on access to ownership, control, sharing and re-use of research data. (Many complaints and disputes which arise could have been pre-empted by clarifying expectations regarding access and re-use of data as early as possible in a researcher's contract);
  • expectations about output and progress;
  • publication protocols;
  • teaching opportunities and/or obligations;
  • the researcher's own career aspirations and skills development priorities.

You should ensure that researcher has opportunities to discuss any of the following that are relevant to his/her research work:

  • lab procedures and practices;
  • health and safety;
  • ethical standards and other aspects of academic integrity in research.

You should ensure that researcher is involved in regular research project meetings throughout the research contract.