My project

Am I personally taking stock of my progress, in line with any agreed programme, and seeking appropriate feedback?

Am I being pro-active in reviewing my work with my PI (manager/supervisor) and raising any issues? (See Employment and Career Management Scheme/Researchers' personal and professional development.)

Am I contributing to, or taking responsibility for, writing publications and attending conferences - as appropriate for the project and my career stage?

My career

Am I regularly assessing my skills development - recording my progress and setting further goals? (CPPD and the Careers Service both provide services designed for researchers.)

Am I making sure that I review my progress and my career ambitions with my PI (supervisor/manager), during career management review meetings? (Career management review - or 'appraisal' - guidance is available online. The Careers Advisers for Research Staff offer 1:1 appointments, careers skills workshops and online resources.)

If I have a fixed-term contract, do I know what this means for me? (The University's guidance is available online.)

Am I continually reviewing and, as necessary, updating my career plan?

Am I looking at personal funding opportunities for which I am eligible? (If you are eligible to apply for personal research funding, the Research Office offers, amongst others, support in applying for and managing research grants.)

Am I keeping my CV up to date? (The Careers Service has resources on developing CVs for a range of careers directions.)

Am I being responsible for finding and engaging with training and development opportunities available to me? (See, amongst others, CPPD and Careers.)

Am I maintaining and developing useful networks?

If I wish to stay in academia, am I aware of my possibilities for promotion? (The University's generic job descriptions for research and academic posts are available, for information, online.)

Additional questions for experienced researchers:

i.e. researchers on their second contract and beyond

Have I considered opportunities for expanding my role (e.g. contributing to research planning, project management, writing grant applications, teaching duties)?

Have I considered acting as a mentor to early-career researchers? (The University's mentoring guidelines are available online.)