Equality and diversity are promoted in the recruitment and career management of researchers

Equalities Policy

Researchers, like all other staff of the University, are protected by and have responsibilities under the University's Equal Opportunities Policy and its Combined Equality Scheme. The Equal Opportunities Policy demonstrates the University's commitment to equality of opportunity, inclusion and excellence, free from discrimination. The Combined Equality Scheme specifically covers policy in the areas of Race, Disability and Gender and explains how the University will fulfil its statutory obligations in relation to equalities legislation.

Both policies cover functions that affect all staff, including researchers, at work and study including;

  • governance, leadership and management
  • assessment and academic progress
  • provision and access to
    • support services
    • staff recruitment, selection
    • training
    • career development and progression
  • behaviour and discipline and partnership and community links

Supervisors should ensure that they understand the implications of the University's Equal Opportunities Policy and Combined Equality Scheme for their management practice.

Equality and Diversity networks

The University's networks of staff, including researchers, and students are able to participate in and inform policy development with the support of the University's ED&I section. These networks meet regularly and host engagement events throughout the year. They organise a range of activities to raise awareness of the different experiences and concerns of its diverse community and to involve staff, including researchers, and students in policy development and consultation processes.