You should hold formal career management review ('appraisal') meetings with the researcher, to review and record progress and development plans. For researchers with shorter contracts, these meetings should be annual. For researchers with longer contracts/service, career management meetings should be held at least every two years. More detailed guidance concerning planning for and holding constructive career review meetings is available online.

You should review funding status and progress on research project, to clarify prospects for any extension of the research contract. Confirm these to the researcher. Notify your departmental administrator if an extension is possible or if no further funding is available.

As the final stage of the contract begins, University policy requires that you hold a formal consultation meeting with the researcher to clarify whether further grant funding is likely. If it is not, discuss alternative options with the researcher. Further support and guidance is available from your department and School HR team.

During the last third of the contract, you should review the researcher's career progress to date and the likelihood of their acquiring an academic or similar post. You should refer the researcher to relevant support services, including the Careers Service and the Careers Advisers for Research Staff.