Faces of type are like men’s faces. They have their own expression; their complexion and peculiar twists and turns of line identify them immediately to friends, to whom each is full of identity.

J.L. Frazier

Primary typeface

Arial has been selected as the University’s primary typeface, and is used for promotional materials that are produced in-house.

Arial has been selected in consultation with the Disability Resource Centre. We know it will not suit every application and an investigation is underway for a complementary font for use by non-Microsoft users (most likely, Helvetica).

Further information will also be provided on request with respect to a monospace typeface.


Arial is a widely available sans-serif typeface and computer font packaged with Microsoft Windows, other Microsoft software applications, Apple macOS and many PostScript computer printers. It should be used for all our internally produced communications.

Sans serif font alternative

This is for for use by professional designers.

Myriad is used for items where the design is commissioned from external agencies ie the University Annual Report, undergraduate and graduate prospectus, exhibition stands, advertising, magazines etc.

Serif font alternatives

Sabon or Times New Roman may be used where a serif font is required – for example in large bodies of text.