Coat of arms.

The University of Cambridge name and Coat of Arms not only form a key role in the internal branding of the University, but they also represent the reputation of the University externally and internationally. For example, they identify official publications, presentations and websites. As such they have significant commercial value.

By trade-marking these assets, the University is able to protect itself against those who wish to benefit from its reputation by falsely implying association with the University through the use of the name and/or Coat of Arms.

It also gives the University control over how its name is used on commercial products.

The university wishes to be associated with products that have wide appeal and are relevant to people around the world but which also meet high quality and ethical production standards.

Income generated through the sales of products that are licensed to bear the University arms directly benefit sport and culture at the university.

For information on the logo, who can use it, and when a licence is required, go to About the logo.