The logo and coat of arms are registered trademarks. We have strict control processes in place for when the University of Cambridge may, and may not, be used, as well as how it should be used. These are essential in order to prevent revocation of the trademarks.

Therefore, permission must be sought for logo use.

Staff may request permission to use the logo. External sources must request logo use via their contact at the University.

Request to use logo [Raven login required]

Once you have received permission to use the logo, please follow the guidelines below to ensure you use it correctly.

The creation of additional logos and marks is restricted. Staff who wish to create a custom logo should request permission.

Requesting a custom logo [Raven login required]

Using the logo – checklist

  1. Have you left the required exclusion zone?
  2. Is the logo positioned on the left of your document – either at the top or bottom?
  3. Has the logo been sized correctly, ensuring that all proportions have remained the same?

Check with the Office of External Affairs and Communications if you are unsure whether your use is permitted.

Exclusion zone

In order to maximise its visual presence the logo requires a surrounding area clear of any other graphic elements or text.

The minimum exclusion zone is equal to the width of the coat of arms. Always allow at least this amount of clear space around the logo. It is important that this rule is observed and the exclusion zone is maintained at all times. The recommended minimum clearance is to protect the logo. The logo will appear on many different applications and formats and this will help to give it clarity and presence. This is not a placement guide. It is a minimum only.

Exclusion zone.

Recommended size and positioning

Having a consistent size and positioning of the logo is vital. The logo can appear at either the top of the area or at the bottom, but always aligned left.

Below are the recommended logo sizes for the main different paper sizes, along with the margins that should be left between the logo and the paper edge.

Table outlining logo size, left margin and top/base margin for different paper sizes.
  A5 A4 A3
Logo size 48mm 65mm 92mm
Left margin 8mm 12mm 17mm
Top/base margin 9mm 14mm 20mm

Minimum size

Our logo must be clearly visible and reproduced consistently. For this reason a minimum size has been established for the University's logo. That size is 30mm, measured across the width of the logo.

The logo does not have a maximum reproduction size.

Alternative sizes

The logo is reduced or enlarged proportionately to accommodate alternative sizes. It must never be compressed or expanded but always scaled up or down in proportion.

Measurements A and B must always be the same.

The coat of arms

The coat of arms should not be used as a substitute for the logo. The logo should always be used as a whole, including both the coat of arms and the name of the University. The coat of arms can sometimes be used as a graphic device or watermark in printed publications where there are no images to complement the text. It is usually printed bleeding off the page and sized approximately 55% of the height of the page and placed one third of the distance from the top (see example).