Focus on the University of Cambridge logo on a tablecloth.

The logo consists of the coat of arms and the University of Cambridge logotype. These two elements must always be reproduced together and form a core element of the visual identity of the University

The University’s Coat of Arms, and by association our logo, represents more than 800 years of excellence. It is an international symbol of the University’s reputation for high quality and standards, and this makes it a very valuable asset, which requires protection.

As a valuable asset the logo is very much in demand by those not entitled to use it. For this reason both the logo and coat of arms are registered trademarks. We have strict control processes in place for when the logo may, and may not, be used, as well as how it should be used. These are essential in order to prevent revocation of the trademarks, so it is important that you follow the guidance provided on this website.


If you are thinking of downloading the logo….

First…  Check with the communications office if you are unsure if your use is permitted
Second… Check you know the rules of use
Third… Download the logo   


If you have any questions regarding use of the logo then the communications team will be happy to help.