Researcher profile: Professor Julia Gog

08 April 2020

Professor Julia Gog is a mathematician who specialises in modelling the spread of infectious diseases, particularly pandemic influenza. For months, she and the other members...

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Women in STEM: Dr Maria Russo

12 March 2020

Dr Maria Russo is a Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry, where she studies the physical and chemical processes at work in the atmosphere. Here,...

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Women in STEM: Oluwaseun Ogundele

27 February 2020

Oluwaseun Ogundele is a research assistant in the Hendrich Lab at the Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. Here, she tells us about her work studying...

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Women in STEM: Dr Karen Pinilla

20 February 2020

Dr Karen Pinilla is a clinical research fellow at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre. She worked as a clinician in the breast unit at...

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