University of Cambridge Members on Committees of Funding Agencies – Nov 2018

This list is updated in April/May and October/November each year using publicly available information. Amendments may be sent at any time to Dr Rhys Morgan (Research Strategy Office)

Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

Translating Cultures Theme Advisory Group

Professor Simon Franklin (Modern & Medieval Languages)

Science in Culture Theme Advisory Group

Professor Chris Howe (Biochemistry)

Peer Review College

For University of Cambridge membership of the AHRC Peer Review College see their membership list.

Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)


Professor Ottoline Leyser (Sainsbury Laboratory)

Exploiting New Ways of Working Strategy Advisory Panel

Professor Kathryn Lilley (Biochemistry)

Agriculture and Food Security Strategy Advisory Panel

Professor Julian Hibberd (Plant Sciences)

Bioscience for Health Strategy Advisory Panel

Professor Jonathan Heeney (Veterinary Medicine)

Research Committee C: Genes, development and STEM approaches to biology

Professor Christine Watson  (Pathology)

Research Committee D: Molecules, cells and industrial biotechnology

Professor Steven Russell (Genetics), Deputy Chair

Research Committee E: Fellowships and other personal awards

Professor Steve Oliver (Biochemistry)

Pool of Experts

Dr John Carr (Plant Sciences)

Dr Mark Holmes (Veterinary Medicine)

Dr Heike Laman (Pathology)

Professor Sarah Lummis (Biochemistry)

Dr Juan Mata (Biochemistry)

Dr Helen Mott (Biochemistry)

Dr Jon Simons (Psychology)

Dr Simone Weyand (Biochemistry)

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)


Professor Lynn Gladden (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology), Executive Chair

Manufacturing the Future SAT

Professor Andy Neely (Engineering and Institute for Manufacturing)

Mathematical Sciences SAT

Professor Paul Linden (DAMTP)

Physical Sciences SAT

Professor Jeremy Baumberg (Physics)

Peer Review College

For University of Cambridge membership of the EPSRC Peer Review College see their membership list.

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)


Professor Diane Coyle (POLIS)

Professor Anna Vignoles (Education)

Grants Assessment Panels

Professor Susan Robertson (Education)

Peer Review College

For University of Cambridge membership of the ESRC Peer Review College see their membership list.

Medical Research Council (MRC)

MRC Clinical Director

Professor Patrick Chinnery (Clinical Neurosciences)


Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith (Council - term beginning April 2019)

Strategy Board

Professor Patrick Chinnery (Clinical Neurosciences)

Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith (Genetics)

Population Health Sciences Group

Professor Martin White (MRC Epidemiology Unit)

Populations and Systems Medicine Board

Professor Sylvia Richardson (Clinical Medicine)

Infection and Immunity Board

Professor Nicholas Gay (Biochemistry)

Molecular and Cellular Medicine Board

Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith (Genetics), Chair

Professor Colin Taylor (Pharmacology)

Professor Berthold Gottgens (CIMR and Haematology)

Neurosciences and Mental Health Board

Professor Patrick Chinnery (Chair) (Clinical Neurosciences)

Professor Maria Grazia Spillantini (Clinical Neurosciences)

Dr Valerie Voon (Psychiatry)

Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme

Dr Helen Lee (Haematology)

Professor Pradeep Nathan (Psychiatry)

Regenerative Medicine Research Committee

Professor Robin Franklin (Clinical Neurosciences)

Dr Michaela Frye (Genetics)

Methodology Research Programme Panel

Professor Stephen Sutton (Public Health and Primary Care)

Clinical Training and Career Development Panel

Professor Paul Lehner (CIMR/Medicine)

Professor Hugh Markus (Clinical Neuroscience)

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Joint Capital Advisory Group

Professor Simon Redfern (Earth Sciences)

Strategic Programme Advisory Group

Professor Tom Spencer (Geography)

Resource Recovery From Waste AG

Professor Peter Guthrie (Engineering), Chair

Radiocarbon Facility Panel

Dr Tamsin O’Connell (Archaeology & Anthropology)

NERC Training Advisory Board (TAB)

Dr Marie Edmonds (Earth Sciences)

Research Council’s Individual Merit Promotion Panel

Professor Mary Fowler (Earth Sciences)

Professor Eric Wolff (Earth Sciences)

Peer Review College

For University of Cambridge membership of the NERC Peer Review College see their membership list.

Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)


Professor Mark Thomson (Physics)

Science Board

Professor Clare Grey (Chemistry), Non-core member

Professor Andy Parker (Physics), Core member

Particle Physics Grants Panel

Dr Matthew Wingate (DAMTP)

Astronomy Grants Panel: Astronomy Theory

Professor Martin Haehnelt (Astronomy)

Computing Advisory Committee

Dr Debora Sijacki (Astronomy)

Panel for the Allocation of Telescope Time

Dr Elme Breedt (Astronomy)

e-MERLIN Steering Committee 

Professor Paul Alexander (Physics)

UK ALMA Oversight Committee

Professor Mark Wyatt (Astronomy), Chair

Physical Sciences and Engineering Advisory Panel

Dr Howard Stone (Materials Science and Metallurgy), Chair

Education, Training and Careers Committee: Fellowships Panel

Dr Christopher Lester (Physics)

Wellcome Trust

Cell and Developmental Biology ERG

Dr Frederick Livesey (Biochemistry)

Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience ERG

Professor Giovanna Mallucci (Clinical Neurosciences)

Professor Máté Lengyel (Engineering)

Cognitive Neuroscience and Mental Health ERG

Professor James Rowe (Clinical Neurosciences)

Genetics, Genomics and Population Research ERG

Professor Douglas Easton (Public Health and Primary Care)

Immune System in Health and Disease ERG

Professor Clare Bryant (Veterinary Medicine)

Medical Humanities Early Career ERG

Dr Robert Duschinsky (Public Health and Primary Care)

Medical Humanities Investigator and Collaborative Award ERG

Professor Steven Connor (English)

Dr Lauren Kassell (History and Philosophy of Science)

Molecular Basis of Cell Function ERG

Professor Anne Willis (Pharmacology) 

Pofessor Eric Miska (Gurdon Institute)

Science Interview Panel

Professor Ed Bullmore (Psychiatry)

Professor Sadaf Farooqi (Clinical Biochemistry)

Interview Committee: Basic Science

Dr Emma Rawlins (Gurdon Institute)

Interview Committee: Clinical

Professor Fiona Gribble (Clinical Biochemistry)

Interview Committee: Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

Professor Margaret Robinson (Clinical Biochemistry)

Cancer Research UK (CRUK)

Science Committee

Professor Gerard Evan (Biochemistry), Chair

Professor Kevin Brindle (Biochemistry)

Science Committee - Cancer Immunology Expert Review Panel

Professor Gillian Griffiths (Medicine)

Science Committee - Multidisciplinary Expert Review Panel

Professor Kevin Brindle (Biochemistry), Chair

Dr Sarah Bohndiek (Physics)

Professor Ben Simons (Physics)

Pioneer Awards Committee

Professor Greg Hannon (CRUK CI), Chair

Clinical Careers Committee

Professor Phil Jones (MRC Cancer Unit)

Professor Klaus Okkenhaug (Pathology)

Clinical Research Committee

Dr James Brenton (CRUK CI)

Professor Richard Gilbertson (Oncology)

Clinical Research Committee - Clinical Expert Review Panel

Dr Helena Earl (Oncology)

Mr Grant Stewart (Surgery)

Clinical Research Committee - Experimental Medicine Expert Review Panel

Professor James Brenton (CRUK CI)

Clinical Research Committee - Clinical Research Monitoring Panel

Dr Charlotte Coles (Oncology)

Population Research Committee – Catalyst Award Panel

Professor Kay-Tee Khaw (Public Health and Primary Care)

Population Research Committee - Prevention Expert Review Panel

Dr Jean Adams (MRC Epidemiology Unit)

New Agents Committee

Professor Klaus Okkenhaug (Pathology)

New Investigator Committee

Dr Jason Carroll (CRUK CI), Vice-Chair

Dr Ferida Gallagher (Radiology)

British Heart Foundation (BHF)

Project Grants Committee

Dr Emanuele Di Angelantonio (Public Health and Primary Care)

Professor Ziad Mallat (Medicine)

Dr Michael Murphy (MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit)

Chairs and Programme Grants Committee

Professor Willem H Oewehand (Haematology)

Translational Awards Committee

Dr Andrew Grace (Biochemistry)

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme Boards

Professor Fiona Gilbert (Radiology)

Programme Grants for Applied Research Selection Panels

Professor Jonathan Mant (Public Health & Primary Care)

Research for Patient Benefit Programme (East of England Regional Advisory Committee)

Dr Stephen Barclay (Public Health and Primary Care), Chair

Dr Robbie Duschinsky (Public Health and Primary Care)

Dr Mark Evans (Medicine)

Dr Juliet Usher-Smith (Public Health and Primary Care)

Health Technology Assessment Programme Boards and Panels

Professor Peter Hutchinson (Clinical Neurosciences)

Dr Howard Ring (Psychiatry)

Dr Charlotte Coles (Oncology)

Public Health Research Programme

Professor Martin White (MRC Epidemiology Unit), Programme Director

Leverhulme Trust

Research Awards Advisory Committee

Professor Martin Daunton (History)

Royal Society


Professor Andrew Hopper (Computer Science and Technology), Treasurer

Professor George Efstathiou (Astronomy)

Royal Academy of Engineering


Professor Dame Ann Dowling (Engineering)

Trustee Board

Professor Dame Ann Dowling (Engineering)

Professor Stephen Young (Engineering)

Finance Committee

Professor Stephen Young (Engineering)

Membership Committee: Panel 6 - Manufacturing and Design

Professor Ian Hutchings (Engineering)

Membership Committee: Panel 7 - Electrical and Electronic

Professor David Cardwell (Engineering)

Dr Andrew Shields (Engineering)

Membership Committee: Panel 8 - Energy and Power

Professor Julian Allwood (Engineering)

Nominations Committee

Professor Dame Ann Dowling (Engineering), Chair

Remuneration Committee

Professor Dame Ann Dowling (Engineering), Chair

Education and Skills Committee

Professor Richard Prager (Engineering)

Enterprise Committee

Dr Andy Harter (Computer Science and Technology)

Professor Andy Hopper (Computer Science and Technology)

International Committee

Professor Florin Udrea (Engineering)

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Judges

Professor Lynn Gladden (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology)

Royal Historical Society


Dr Sujit Sivasundaram (History)

British Academy


Professor Sarah Worthington (Law)

Professor Ash Amin (Geography)

Professor Michael Moriarty (Modern and Medieval Languages)

Management Advisory Committee

Professor Sarah Worthington (Law)

Professor Ash Amin (Geography)

Investment Management Committee

Professor Sarah Worthington (Law)

Research and Higher Education Policy Committee

Professor David Feldman (Law)

Projects Committee

Professor David Feldman (Law), Chair

Professor Judith Lieu (Divinity)

Research Awards Committee

Professor Katherine Ellis (Music)

International Engagement Committee

Professor Ash Amin (Geography)

Committee for British International Research Institutes

Professor David Abulafia (History)

Publications and Conferences Committee

Professor David Runciman (POLIS)

Neil Ker Memorial Fund Committee

Dr Teresa  Webber (History)

Stein Arnold Exploration Fund Committee

Professor Dame Caroline Humphrey (Social Anthropology)

Stenton Fund Committee

Dr Neil Jones (Law)

Professor Simon Keynes (English)

European Research Council (ERC)

Scientific Council

Professor Dame Athene Donald (Physics)

Professor Sir Christopher Clark (History)

Panel Members

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