University of Cambridge Members on Committees of Funding Agencies – October 2022

This list is updated each year using publicly available information. Amendments may be sent at any time to

Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

AHRC Council

  • Dr Ayesha Siddiqi (Geography)

Translating Cultures Theme Advisory Group

  • Professor Simon Franklin (Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics)

Science in Culture Theme Advisory Group

  • Professor Chris Howe (Biochemistry)

Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)


  • Professor Anne Ferguson Smith (PVC Research, Genetics)

Transformative Technologies Strategy Advisory Panel

  • Professor Kathryn Lilley (Biochemistry), Chair

Bioscience for an Integrated Understanding of Health Strategy Advisory Panel

  • Dr Zoe Kourtzi (Psychology)

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)


  • Professor Diane Coyle (POLIS)

ESRC Strategic Advisory Network (SAN)

  • Professor Gina Neff (CRASSH)

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)


  • Professor Dame Lynn Gladden (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology), Executive Chair

Strategic Advisory Network

  • Professor Matthew Juniper (Engineering)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) SAT

  • Professor David Ritchie (Physics)

Research Infrastructure SAT

  • Professor Garth Wells (Engineering)

Medical Research Council (MRC)

MRC Clinical Director

  • Professor Patrick Chinnery (Clinical Neurosciences)

Strategy Board

  • Professor Patrick Chinnery (Clinical Neurosciences)
  • Professor Nick Wareham (MRC Epidemiology Unit)

Population Health Sciences Group

  • Professor Nick Wareham (MRC Epidemiology Unit)
  • Dr Daniela De Angelis (MRC Biostatistics Unit)

Infections and Immunity Board

  • Dr Daniela De Angelis (MRC Biostatistics Unit)
  • Professor Ian Goodfellow (Pathology)

Neurosciences and Mental Health Board

  • Dr Duncan Astle (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit)
  • Professor Jeffrey Dalley (Psychiatry)

Non-Clinical Training and Career Development Panel

  • Professor Matt Lambdon-Ralph, (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit), Chair
  • Professor Margaret Ashcroft (Medicine)

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)


  • Professor John Pyle (Chemistry)

Science Committee

  • Professor Helen Williams (Earth Sciences)

Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)


  • Professor Mark Thomson (Physics), Executive Chair

Science Board

  • Professor George Efstathiou (Astronomy)
  • Professor Jacqueline Cole (Physics)

Astronomy Grants Panel

  • Professor Mark Wyatt (Astronomy)

Life Sciences and Soft Materials Advisory Panel

  • Dr Rachel Evans (Materials Science and Metallurgy)

Physical Sciences and Engineering Advisory Panel

  • Dr Sam Stranks (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology)

Education, Training and Careers Committee: Fellowship Panel

  • Professor Anthony Challinor (Astronomy)
  • Professor Tina Potter (Physics)

Projects Peer Review Panel

  • Dr Nicholas Walton (Astronomy)
  • Dr Melissa Uchida (Physics)

Particle Physics Advisory Panel (PPAP)

  • Professor Ben Allanach (DAMTP)

British Heart Foundation (BHF)

Project Grants Committee

  • Dr Sanjay Sinha (Medicine)
  • Dr Murray Clarke (Medicine)

Fellowships Committee

  • Professor Christi Deaton (Public Health and Primary Care)
  • Professor Brian Ference (Public Health and Primary Care)

Clinical Studies Committee

  • Professor Jonathan Mant (Public Health and Primary Care)

Translational Awards Committee

  • Professor Geoff Moggridge (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology)

Cancer Research UK (CRUK)

Scientific Advisory Board / Scientific Executive Board

  • Professor Kay-Tee Khaw (Public Health and Primary Care)

Clinical Research Committee

  • Dr James Brenton (CRUK CI)
  • Dr Charlotte Coles (Oncology)
  • Professor Richard Gilbertson (Oncology)

Cancer Immunology

  • Professor Louise Boyle (Pathology)

Prevention and Population Research Committee

  • Professor Kay-Tee Khaw (Public Health and Primary Care), Chair

Discovery Research Committee

  • Professor Andrea Brand (Gurdon Institute)
  • Professor Sir David Klenerman (Chemistry)

Multidisciplinary Expert Review Panel

  • Dr Sarah Bohndiek (Physics)
  • Professor Sir David Klenerman (Chemistry)

Early Diagnosis Advisory Group (EDAG)

  • Professor Nitzan Rosenfeld (CRUK CI)
  • Professor Serena Nik-Zainal (MRC Cancer Unit)

Research Careers Committee

  • Dr Jason Carroll (CRUK CI)
  • Professor Klaus Okkenhaug (Pathology)


Basic Science Interview panel

  • Professor Zoe Kourtzi (Psychology)
  • Dr Emma Rawlins (Gurdon Institute)

Science Interview Panel

  • Professor Fiona Gribble (Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science)

Mental Health Award Interview Committee

  • Professor Angela Roberts (PDN), Chair

Early-Career Award Interview Panel

  • Professor Fiona Gribble (Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science)
  • Professor Zoe Kourtzi (Psychology)

Career Development Award Interview Panel

  • Professor Ewa Paluch (PDN)
  • Professor Krishna Chatterjee (Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science)

The Academy of Medical Sciences 


  • Professor Ed Bullmore (Psychiatry), Treasurer
  • Professor Sadaf Farooqi (Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science)

The British Academy


  • Professor Simon Goldhill (Classics)
  • Professor Cyprian Broodbank (Archaeology)
  • Professor Peter Mandler (History)

Research Awards Committee

  • Professor Katharine Ellis (Music), Chair
  • Professor Ulinka Rublack (History)

Fellowship and Structures Committee

  • Professor Helen Cooper (English)

Investment Management Committee

  • Professor Dame Sarah Worthington (Law)

Committee for British International Research Initiatives

  • Professor Simon Goldhill (Classics)

Publications and Conferences Committee

  • Professor David Runciman (POLIS)

Research and Higher Education Policy Committee

  • Professor David Feldman (Law)
  • Professor Katharine Ellis (Music)

Projects Committee

  • Professor David Feldman (Law), Chair
  • Professor Judith Lieu (Divinity)

Public Policy Committee

  • Professor Helen McCarthy (History)
  • Professor Rae Langton (Philosophy)

International Engagement Committee

  • Professor Simon Goldhill (Classics), Chair

Royal Academy of Engineering

Trustee Board

  • Professor Peter Guthrie (Engineering), Vice President
  • Professor Stephen Young (Engineering)

International Committee

  • Professor Judith Driscoll (Materials Science and Metallurgy)

MacRobert Award Committee

  • Professor Sir Richard Friend (Physics), Chair
  • Dr Andy Harter (Computer Science and Technology)

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Judges

  • Professor Dame Lynn Gladden (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology)

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Search Group

  • Professor John Clarkson (Engineering)
  • Professor Peter Guthrie (Engineering)
  • Professor Richard Penty (Engineering)

Royal Society


  • Professor Andrew Hopper (Computer Science and Technology), Treasurer
  • Professor David Baulcombe (Plant Sciences)
  • Professor Dame Athene Donald (Physics)

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

Efficacy and Mechanism (EME) Funding Committee

  • Professor Michael L Nicholson (Surgery)
  • Dr Tessa Cacciottolo (Medicine)

Research for Patient Benefit Programme (East of England Regional Advisory Committee)

  • Professor Gavin Pettigrew (Surgery)
  • Dr Juliet Usher-Smith (Public Health and Primary Care)
  • Dr Wendi Qian (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit)

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Funding Committee Clinical Evaluation and Trials

  • Dr Elizabeth Warburton (Medicine)

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Prioritisation Committee: Hospital Based Care

  • Dr Nazina Oathan (Paediatrics)

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Funding Committee (Commissioning)

  • Dr Emilio Fernandez-Egea (Psychiatry)
  • Policy Research Programme Funding Committee

  • Professor Stephen Sutton (Public Health and Primary Care)

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)

Chief Executive

  • Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser (Sainsbury Laboratory)

Infrastructure Advisory Committee

  • Professor Patrick Chinnery (Clinical Neurosciences)

European Research Council (ERC)

Panel Members

Panel membership is published on the ERC website