University of Cambridge Members on Committees of Funding Agencies – October 2022

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Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

AHRC Council

Dr Ayesha Siddiqi (Geography)

Translating Cultures Theme Advisory Group

Professor Simon Franklin (Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics)

Science in Culture Theme Advisory Group

Professor Chris Howe (Biochemistry)


Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)


Professor Anne Ferguson Smith (PVC Research, Genetics)

Transformative Technologies Strategy Advisory Panel

Professor Kathryn Lilley (Biochemistry), Chair

Bioscience for an Integrated Understanding of Health Strategy Advisory Panel

Dr Zoe Kourtzi (Psychology)


Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)


Professor Diane Coyle (POLIS)

ESRC Strategic Advisory Network (SAN)

Professor Gina Neff (CRASSH)


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)


Professor Dame Lynn Gladden (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology), Executive Chair

Strategic Advisory Network

Professor Matthew Juniper (Engineering)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) SAT

Professor David Ritchie (Physics)

Research Infrastructure SAT

Professor Garth Wells (Engineering)


Medical Research Council (MRC)

MRC Clinical Director

Professor Patrick Chinnery (Clinical Neurosciences)

Strategy Board

Professor Patrick Chinnery (Clinical Neurosciences)

Professor Nick Wareham (MRC Epidemiology Unit)

Population Health Sciences Group

Professor Nick Wareham (MRC Epidemiology Unit)

Dr Daniela De Angelis (MRC Biostatistics Unit)

Infections and Immunity Board

Dr Daniela De Angelis (MRC Biostatistics Unit)

Professor Ian Goodfellow (Pathology)

Neurosciences and Mental Health Board

Dr Duncan Astle (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit)

Professor Jeffrey Dalley (Psychiatry)

Non-Clinical Training and Career Development Panel

Professor Matt Lambdon-Ralph, (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit), Chair

Professor Margaret Ashcroft (Medicine)


Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)


Professor John Pyle (Chemistry)

Science Committee

Professor Helen Williams (Earth Sciences)


Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)


Professor Mark Thomson (Physics), Executive Chair

Science Board

Professor George Efstathiou (Astronomy)

Professor Jacqueline Cole (Physics)

Astronomy Grants Panel

Professor Mark Wyatt (Astronomy)

Life Sciences and Soft Materials Advisory Panel

Dr Rachel Evans (Materials Science and Metallurgy)

Physical Sciences and Engineering Advisory Panel

Dr Sam Stranks (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology)

Education, Training and Careers Committee: Fellowship Panel

Professor Anthony Challinor (Astronomy)

Professor Tina Potter (Physics)

Projects Peer Review Panel

Dr Nicholas Walton (Astronomy)

Dr Melissa Uchida (Physics)

Particle Physics Advisory Panel (PPAP)

Professor Ben Allanach (DAMTP)


British Heart Foundation (BHF)

Project Grants Committee

Dr Sanjay Sinha (Medicine)

Dr Murray Clarke (Medicine)

Fellowships Committee

Professor Christi Deaton (Public Health and Primary Care)

Professor Brian Ference (Public Health and Primary Care)

Clinical Studies Committee

Professor Jonathan Mant (Public Health and Primary Care)

Translational Awards Committee

Professor Geoff Moggridge (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology)


Cancer Research UK (CRUK)

Scientific Advisory Board / Scientific Executive Board

Professor Kay-Tee Khaw (Public Health and Primary Care)

Clinical Research Committee

Dr James Brenton (CRUK CI)

Dr Charlotte Coles (Oncology)

Professor Richard Gilbertson (Oncology)

Cancer Immunology

Professor Louise Boyle (Pathology)

Prevention and Population Research Committee

Professor Kay-Tee Khaw (Public Health and Primary Care), Chair

Discovery Research Committee

Professor Andrea Brand (Gurdon Institute)

Professor Sir David Klenerman (Chemistry)

Multidisciplinary Expert Review Panel

Dr Sarah Bohndiek (Physics)

Professor Sir David Klenerman (Chemistry)

Early Diagnosis Advisory Group (EDAG)

Professor Nitzan Rosenfeld (CRUK CI)

Professor Serena Nik-Zainal (MRC Cancer Unit)

Research Careers Committee

Dr Jason Carroll (CRUK CI)

Professor Klaus Okkenhaug (Pathology)



Basic Science Interview panel

Professor Zoe Kourtzi (Psychology)

Dr Emma Rawlins (Gurdon Institute)

Science Interview Panel

Professor Fiona Gribble (Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science)

Mental Health Award Interview Committee

Professor Angela Roberts (PDN), Chair

Early-Career Award Interview Panel

Professor Fiona Gribble (Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science)

Professor Zoe Kourtzi (Psychology)

Career Development Award Interview Panel

Professor Ewa Paluch (PDN)

Professor Krishna Chatterjee (Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science)


The Academy of Medical Sciences 


Professor Ed Bullmore (Psychiatry), Treasurer

Professor Sadaf Farooqi (Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science)


The British Academy


Professor Simon Goldhill (Classics)

Professor Cyprian Broodbank (Archaeology)

Professor Peter Mandler (History)

Research Awards Committee

Professor Katharine Ellis (Music), Chair

Professor Ulinka Rublack (History)

Fellowship and Structures Committee

Professor Helen Cooper (English)

Investment Management Committee

Professor Dame Sarah Worthington (Law)

Committee for British International Research Initiatives

Professor Simon Goldhill (Classics)

Publications and Conferences Committee

Professor David Runciman (POLIS)

Research and Higher Education Policy Committee

Professor David Feldman (Law)

Professor Katharine Ellis (Music)

Projects Committee

Professor David Feldman (Law), Chair

Professor Judith Lieu (Divinity)

Public Policy Committee

Professor Helen McCarthy (History)

Professor Rae Langton (Philosophy)

International Engagement Committee

Professor Simon Goldhill (Classics), Chair


Royal Academy of Engineering

Trustee Board

Professor Peter Guthrie (Engineering), Vice President

Professor Stephen Young (Engineering)

International Committee

Professor Judith Driscoll (Materials Science and Metallurgy)

MacRobert Award Committee

Professor Sir Richard Friend (Physics), Chair

Dr Andy Harter (Computer Science and Technology)

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Judges

Professor Dame Lynn Gladden (Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology)

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Search Group

Professor John Clarkson (Engineering)

Professor Peter Guthrie (Engineering)

Professor Richard Penty (Engineering)


Royal Society


Professor Andrew Hopper (Computer Science and Technology), Treasurer

Professor David Baulcombe (Plant Sciences)

Professor Dame Athene Donald (Physics)


National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

Efficacy and Mechanism (EME) Funding Committee

Professor Michael L Nicholson (Surgery)

Dr Tessa Cacciottolo (Medicine)

Research for Patient Benefit Programme (East of England Regional Advisory Committee)

Professor Gavin Pettigrew (Surgery)

Dr Juliet Usher-Smith (Public Health and Primary Care)

Dr Wendi Qian (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit)

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Funding Committee Clinical Evaluation and Trials

Dr Elizabeth Warburton (Medicine)

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Prioritisation Committee: Hospital Based Care

Dr Nazina Oathan (Paediatrics)

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Funding Committee (Commissioning)

Dr Emilio Fernandez-Egea (Psychiatry)

Policy Research Programme Funding Committee

Professor Stephen Sutton (Public Health and Primary Care)


UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)

Chief Executive

Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser (Sainsbury Laboratory)

Infrastructure Advisory Committee

Professor Patrick Chinnery (Clinical Neurosciences)


European Research Council (ERC)

Panel Members

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