The University’s Interdisciplinary Research Centres are established cross-School initiatives that have demonstrated a critical mass of academic support in at least three Schools and have the explicit endorsement of the University’s Research Policy Committee. They extend the research priorities and strategies of the individual Schools by tackling cross-disciplinary challenges and creating a shared cross-School vision in key thematic areas. An Interdisciplinary Research Centre generally builds on the aims and achievements developed by a Strategic Research Initiative over a period of six years. 

Our current portfolio of Interdisciplinary Research Centres includes:


Delivering transformational approaches to understanding and conserving biodiversity through collaborative research, education, policy and practice, based on a unique partnership between the University and leading biodiversity conservation organisations.

Infectious Diseases

Promoting programmes of research collaboration and capacity building to meet the challenges of infectious diseases in both developed and developing countries, with particular emphasis on global health.


Connecting multidisciplinary neuroscience research and teaching across the University of Cambridge and affiliated Institutes, to increase our fundamental understanding of brain function and enhance quality of life.

Stem Cells

Creating a world-leading centre for stem cell biology and medicine that focuses on harnessing the genetic and biochemical mechanisms that control cell fate to enable advances in disease modelling, drug discovery and regenerative medicine.