United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

Power in the balance

11 May 2011

A new research hub dedicated to the study of emerging powers and how different nations evolve to become leading political forces on the world stage,...

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Debt: an enduring human passion

No such thing as a free lunch?

10 May 2011

The process of giving and receiving (and being in debt) is an inescapable part of human experience. From sub-prime lending and student loans to organ...

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Cambridge in Sarajevo

07 May 2011

Islamic Studies specialists from the Universities of Cambridge and Sarajevo are to exchange perspectives on religion and politics in a country which has experienced both...

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Tudor pendant

Treasures lost and found

05 May 2011

An exhibition of precious objects found in East Anglia provides a window into the lives of both the people who lost their treasures and those...

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