Cambridge researchers are helping to lead the fight back against COVID-19, from the use of genomics to track its spread and mathematic modelling to understand infection rates through to innovative screening programmes to keep its students and staff safe.

Blood thinning drug to treat recovery from severe COVID-19 is not effective

28 November 2022

A drug used to reduce the risk of blood clots does not help patients recovering from moderate and severe COVID-19, despite this approach being offered to patients, a UK-wide trial, led by Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the University of Cambridge has found.

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The off-patent drug that could protect us from future COVID-19 variants

05 Dec 2022

Cambridge scientists have identified a drug that can be repurposed to prevent COVID-19 in research involving a unique mix of ‘mini-organs’, donor...

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Young children in Ethiopia

COVID has 'ruptured' social skills of the world’s poorest children, study suggests

30 Nov 2022

Two interlinked studies, involving 8,000 primary pupils altogether, indicate children lost at least a third of a year in learning during lockdown.

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A 3d animation of the COVID-19 Virus or Coronavirus being broken apart

‘Programmable molecular scissors’ could help fight COVID-19 infection

16 Nov 2022

Cambridge scientists have used synthetic biology to create artificial enzymes programmed to target the genetic code of SARS-CoV-2 and destroy the...

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The “zero-chance” doctor who now advises government

19 Oct 2022

Growing up on free school meals at one of the lowest performing state schools in the country, Raghib Ali went on to become a leading epidemiologist...

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Students in Rwanda confound pandemic predictions and head back to school

07 Oct 2022

New data from Rwanda, and some of the first published on how COVID-19 has impacted school attendance in the Global South, suggest that a widely-...

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Model of coronavirus and hypodermic needle

Referrals to long COVID clinic fell by 79% following roll-out of the vaccine

06 Oct 2022

Referrals to Cambridge’s long COVID clinic fell dramatically in the period August 2021 to June 2022, which researchers say is likely due to the...

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Female scientist in laboratory

Set up reserve lab capacity now for faster response to next pandemic, say researchers

28 Sep 2022

Researchers say a ‘human bottleneck’, due to historical cuts in public health funding, delayed the UK’s scale-up of COVID-19 testing in the early...

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New Heart and Lung Research Institute opens

11 Jul 2022

A major new institute opens today, bringing together the largest concentration of scientists and clinicians in heart and lung medicine in Europe.

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Portrait of young woman farmer holding fresh eggs in hands

Intensive farming may actually reduce risk of pandemics, experts argue

24 Jun 2022

Scientists evaluate the evidence that intensive livestock farming is causing pandemics, and find that intensive farming could actually reduce the...

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Woman wearing a mask on public transport

No ‘safest spot’ to minimise risk of COVID-19 transmission on trains

22 Jun 2022

Researchers have demonstrated how airborne diseases such as COVID-19 spread along the length of a train carriage and found that there is no ‘safest...

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Surgeons performing heart surgery

Heart surgery delays will cost lives, warns research

17 Jun 2022

Pandemic has delayed lifesaving treatment for thousands of people with severe aortic stenosis.

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3d digital image corona virus on planet Earth in Africa

Scientists publish first real-world data from Africa looking at immune response to AZ/Oxford COVID-19 vaccine

11 May 2022

Scientists have released the first real-world data from Africa on the effectiveness of two doses of AstraZeneca/ChaAd0x-1 COVID-19 vaccination...

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