Cities of dreams... and death

28 Feb 2014

The fate of migrants moving to cities in 17th- and 18th-century England demonstrates how a single pathogen could dramatically alter the risks associated with migration and migratory patterns today.

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Cambridge unveils plans to become Retrofit City

12 Jun 2013

A new network of public and private sector organisations aims to carry out retrofits across Cambridge, bringing down carbon emissions, cutting energy costs, and helping to make it the first city to meet the UK Climate Change Act carbon reduction target of 80% by 2050.

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Cities and how we live in them

19 Feb 2013

More and more of us live in cities where disparate communities jostle for space. Eminent sociologist Richard Sennett will give a public lecture on The Open City in Cambridge on Thursday 21 February.

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Palestinian Hajj paintings by the entrance to a reconstructed Synagogue in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City.

Divided cities do not flourish

08 Nov 2012

A landmark study of divided cities such as Jerusalem and Belfast suggests that while physical divisions remain these cities cannot thrive, and that a 'post-conflict’ phase in these urban centres can be a misconception.

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Apocalyptic thinking and urban resilience

19 Oct 2012

Through analysis of human resilience, particularly in cities, Professor Ash Amin believes that state guarantees of welfare and infrastructure will prove vital for our future – a view that is counter to much of the West’s current policy emphasis on the responsibility of the ‘individual’ in a turbulent age.

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urban gems

How to crowdsource your happy space

26 Sep 2012

A new online platform will harness crowdsourcing to identify the visual cues that lead people to perceive an urban space as happy, quiet or beautiful - focusing initially on London.

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London street photo.

Look familiar?

04 Apr 2012

Introducing the online game for Londoners which researchers hope will one day influence the shape of the nation’s capital.

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The Square Mile by night

Who owns the City?

22 Nov 2011

Foreign investors now own the majority of City of London offices, according to a new study from the Department of Land Economy.

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Separation barrier in Jerusalem

Capturing urban conflict: beyond the newsreel

19 Oct 2011

A new exhibition unveils the work of a unique study into some of the most bitterly divided cities in the world, such as Jerusalem and Belfast, showing how daily life adapts to, defines and defies boundaries in spaces of urban conflict.

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