Don't Eat the Plants

Cambridge Ideas - Don't Eat the Plants

23 May 2011

Are plants as defenceless as they appear?

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Japan of the apocalypse

Facing up to Fukushima

20 May 2011

In the wake of the disaster at the Fukushima reactor, Japan and other nations are re-evaluating their attitude to nuclear energy. Cambridge academic Tony Roulstone...

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Marriage inventory, Württemberg, 1682

300 years of list-making

20 May 2011

Personal inventories spanning three centuries are helping researchers unlock the mysteries of how economies edge towards growth and prosperity.

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Ivory tower

Exploding the ivory tower myth

17 May 2011

Academia makes a considerable and valued contribution to society that goes far beyond commercialisation of applied research, as Professor Alan Hughes, co-author of the first...

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