Clockwise: Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Andres Floto, Fiona Gilbert, John Marioni, Susan Ozanne, Miles Parkes, Anna Philpott and David Savage.

Eight Cambridge University researchers are among the 60 biomedical and health scientists elected by the Academy of Medical Sciences to its Fellowship programme.

The new Fellows have been recognised for their remarkable contributions to biomedical and health science and their ability to generate new knowledge and improve the health of people everywhere.

The new Cambridge Fellows are:

  • Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Andres Floto, Professor of Respiratory Biology, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Fiona Gilbert, Head of the Department of Radiology, University of Cambridge
  • Dr John Marioni, Senior Group Leader at the CRUK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Susan Ozanne, Professor of Developmental Endocrinology, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Miles Parkes, Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Anna Philpott, Head of the School of Biological Sciences, University of Cambridge
  • Professor David Savage, Professor of Molecular Metabolism, University of Cambridge

In addition, two researchers from the wider community have also been elected:

  • Dr Sjors Scheres FRS, Joint Head of Division and Programme Leader, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • Professor Nicholas Thomson, Group Leader, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Professor Dame Anne Johnson PMedSci, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences said: “It gives me great pleasure to welcome these 60 experts to the Fellowship to help to address the major health challenges facing society.

“Each of the new Fellows has made important contributions to the health of our society, with a breadth of expertise ranging from the physical and mental health of young people to parasitic diseases and computational biology.

“The diversity of biomedical and health expertise within our Fellowship is a formidable asset that in the past year has informed our work on critical issues such as tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, understanding the health impacts of climate change, addressing health inequalities, and making the case for funding science. The new Fellows of 2022 will be critical to helping us deliver our ambitious 10-year strategy that we will launch later this year.”

The new Fellows will be formally admitted to the Academy on Monday 27 June 2022.

Adapted from a press release by the Academy of Medical Sciences

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