On the move

02 Jul 2020

Wearable devices will play an important part in the healthcare delivery of the future. Cambridge and Nokia Bell Labs are working together to build...

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Strategic partner: Aviva

29 Apr 2020

A new partnership between Aviva and Cambridge is asking what do advances in technology and data science mean for the future of insurance?

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UK and US firms ‘lag’ in race to commercialise COVID-19 diagnostic tests

22 Apr 2020

The diagnostic industry in countries such as Germany, South Korea and China lead the pack on getting coronavirus tests ready for market. Researchers...

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Women bear brunt of coronavirus economic shutdown in UK and US

21 Apr 2020

New data shows women and people who did not go to university are more likely to have lost work and earnings since mid-March.

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Economic activity has halved during Spain’s coronavirus lockdown, study suggests

15 Apr 2020

Almost one and a half billion spending transactions reveal 'real-time' reactions of consumers in a major western economy during the nation’s peak...

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Cambridge engineers use industrial modelling techniques to help Addenbrooke’s manage COVID-19 care

07 Apr 2020

Modelling tools originally designed to improve the efficiency of factories are being used by Cambridge engineers to help Addenbrooke’s Hospital...

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Closed signs

Younger workers hit harder by coronavirus economic shock in UK and US

03 Apr 2020

Those on low incomes are also more likely to have lost jobs or pay, and less able to complete work tasks from home. Researchers warn the COVID-19...

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Rapid COVID-19 diagnostic test developed by Cambridge team to be deployed in hospitals

02 Apr 2020

A new rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19, developed by a University of Cambridge spinout company and capable of diagnosing the infection in under 90...

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Strategic partner: Rolls-Royce

16 Dec 2019

Researchers at Cambridge are working with Rolls-Royce to make aeroengines greener.

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Strategic partner: AstraZeneca

11 Nov 2019

Scientists at AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company, have been working with Cambridge University for more than two decades. What are the...

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