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Collaboration in action: the AstraZeneca-Cambridge Science Symposium 

Dr Kathryn Chapman, Deputy Director of the Milner Therapeutic Institute and University Relationship Manager for AstraZeneca

More than 1500 researchers, scientists and clinicians from the University and AstraZeneca came together over Zoom to share knowledge and spark new ideas for future collaborations. Kathryn Chapman explains why that's important for us all.







The four secrets of a successful partnership 

Dr Catherine Hasted, Head of Business Partnerships, Strategic Partnerships Office

What make a successful business-university partnership? Catherine Hasted suggests it's four things: a long-term focus, a willingness to engage widely, a shared vision and an ability to make serendipity happen.







Impact through collaboration: the importance of strategic partnerships 

Professor Andy Neely, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Enterprise and Business Relations

By working together, businesses and universities can make a difference at a global scale. Andy Neely explains why long-term strategic partnerships are so important and how Cambridge has put in place mechanisms to make sure they run smoothly. 







The Cambridge Cluster: lessons from the pandemic? 

Professor Andy Neely, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Enterprise and Business Relations

Collaboration, creativity and speed have characterised the Cambridge Cluster's response to COVID-19. Andy Neely considers some notable local successes and asks what lessons we can learn from them.