The University of Cambridge is a global institution. These pages provide an overview of Cambridge's international activities in pursuit of its mission to contribute to society through excellence of education, learning and research.

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Cambridge admits talented students from around the world to its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Our 22,000-strong student body includes over 9,000 international students from nearly 150 different countries.

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The Strategic Partnerships Office facilitates corporate partnerships and manages our key research collaborations with universities around the world.

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From the Arctic to Zambia, explore our interactive global map to learn about the work of Cambridge and its partners to make a positive impact around the world.

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Locations around the globe where the University has made an impact

The International Association of Research Universities (IARU)

IARU comprises 11 research-intensive universities spread throughout the globe, from the USA and South Africa, to Australia and Japan. IARU exists to facilitate joint working on key issues for the university sector, to support research that addresses pressing global challenges, and to enable international student exchange. The alliance is particularly active in the areas of sustainability, the management of university estates, and research in ageing, longevity and health.

Leadership of IARU rotates between members every two years and Cambridge was delighted to serve as Chair and Secretariat of the Alliance between 2021 and 2023. Cambridge’s ongoing involvement with IARU is coordinated by the Strategic Partnerships Office and the current Cambridge IARU senior officer is Dr Karen Kennedy. More information can be found on the IARU website.

Regional focus


Vibrant teaching and research programmes focused on Africa exist across Cambridge. These have been brought together in a major University-wide initiative: the Cambridge-Africa Programme.

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The range and diversity of countries in the wide Asia-Pacific region is reflected in Cambridge’s varied and dynamic range of activities - in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and elsewhere in the region.

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In the People's Republic of China, Cambridge academics are engaged in a broad range of collaborations with Chinese colleagues, in areas as diverse as food security, the design of sustainable buildings, photonics and mental health.

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Through high-level participation in pan-European bodies and through strong bilateral relations with institutions in other European countries, Cambridge is committed to active and positive engagement with its partners across our continent.

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Our academics are involved in many key research projects with Indian partners, in areas as varied as sensor technology, multilingualism, antimicrobial resistance, inclusive education, agriculture, and resilience to earthquakes.

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North America

Strong transatlantic relationships have long been a feature of education and research at Cambridge. Our academics are involved in world-leading collaborations with American and Canadian colleagues in every area of research.

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