Cambridge has a strong and historic relationship with China. Over 1,200 of our students are Chinese, making them the largest international group from a single country studying at Cambridge.

Cambridge academics are engaged in a broad range of collaborations with Chinese colleagues, in areas as diverse as food security, the design of sustainable buildings, photonics and mental health.

The Cambridge University–Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation provides a home for joint research and innovation in collaboration with Chinese partners, and we have close relations with some of the top universities in China, including Peking, Tsinghua, Fudan and Zhejiang.

The Faculty of East Asian Studies undertakes internationally recognised work in the history, literature, linguistics, social anthropology and contemporary culture of China.

Our links with China are longstanding and inform our relationships today. Cambridge established the UK’s first Professorship of Chinese in 1888, and our alumni include the poet Xu Zhimo, best-selling author Louis Cha and athlete Deng Yaping. The Cambridge scholar Joseph Needham contributed immeasurably to western understanding of Chinese culture and the history of science and technology, and his work still continues at the Needham Research Institute – an independent body based in Cambridge with strong links to the University.