Immigration and migration, and the issues that surround them, have become symbolic of the 21st century.

The Channel: a historian’s view of an iconic stretch of water

30 Mar 2016

Water joins as well as divides – and maritime communities often defy the borders imposed by the state. In the first book of its kind, Dr Renaud...

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Honeypot Britain? EU migrants’ benefits and the UK referendum

25 Feb 2016

Ahead of Britain’s EU referendum, research will explore the experiences of EU migrants working in the UK, and attitudes to employment and social...

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‘Fourth strand’ of European ancestry originated with hunter-gatherers isolated by Ice Age

16 Nov 2015

Populations of hunter-gatherers weathered Ice Age in apparent isolation in Caucasus mountain region for millennia, later mixing with other ancestral...

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Refugee camp entrepreneurship

17 Sep 2015

Entrepreneurship initiatives can fill the ‘institutional void’ of long-term refugee camps, according to new research.

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Four decades after Haile Selassie’s death, Ethiopia is an African success story

27 Aug 2015

Christopher Clapham, Professor Emeritus at the Centre of African Studies, University of Cambridge looks at the changes that Ethiopia has undergone...

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“Albatross!” The legendary giant seabird

01 Jun 2015

The Cambridge Animal Alphabet series celebrates Cambridge's connections with animals through literature, art, science and society. Here, A is for...

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Understanding the ancient world through language

22 May 2015

James Clackson's new book looks at what language use can tell us about ancient societies.

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From one extreme to the next?

05 Feb 2015

The threat to peace posed by the Islamic State group has been described as “unprecedented in the modern age”, yet research on the rise and fall of an...

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Can free movement of workers be stopped?

07 Nov 2014

'How can the government stem the tide of migrant workers coming to the UK?' This question has been asked with increasing vigour by those who perceive...

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Your languages, your future

07 Nov 2014

Research shows that children who speak more than one language have an advantage over their monolingual playmates when it comes to communication...

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Stability, unity and nonchalance: What does it mean to be English?

06 Nov 2014

An epic new history of England offers some eye-catching conclusions on Englishness – suggesting, among other things, that a “remarkable” level of...

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Chinese migrant workers in Japan: behind the headlines

26 Aug 2014

Chinese migrant workers in Japan are more than passive victims of difficult work conditions and are able to use their own networks and provide mutual...

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