Immigration and migration, and the issues that surround them, have become symbolic of the 21st century.

Silent witnesses: how an ice age was written in the trees

27 February 2018

What connects a series of volcanic eruptions and severe summer cooling with a century of pandemics, human migration and the rise and fall of...

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Human smugglers operate as ‘independent traders’, study finds

22 January 2018

First study to model the organisation behind trade in illegal border crossings shows no “Mafia-like” monopoly of routes from Africa into Europe...

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Trading on human tides – the 'free market' of people smuggling

31 July 2017

Cambridge criminologists are using emerging sources of information – from court records to Facebook groups – to analyse the networks behind one of...

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Opinion: Aid workers get a bad rap – but too often they’re thrown in at the deep end

21 March 2017

The media are quick to criticise humanitarian organisations as inefficient and expensive, writes Corinna Frey (Cambridge Judge Business School),...

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Ancient DNA reveals 'genetic continuity’ between Stone Age and modern populations in East Asia

01 February 2017

In contrast to Western Europeans, new research finds contemporary East Asians are genetically much closer to the ancient hunter-gatherers that...

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Unprecedented study of Aboriginal Australians points to one shared Out of Africa migration for modern humans

21 September 2016

The first significant investigation into the genomics of Aboriginal Australians has uncovered several major findings about early human populations...

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Ancient ‘trace’ in Papuan genomes suggests previously unknown expansion out of Africa

21 September 2016

Several major studies, published today, concur that virtually all current global human populations stem from a single wave of expansion out of...

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Textbook story of how humans populated America is “biologically unviable”, study finds

10 August 2016

Using ancient DNA, researchers have created a unique picture of how a prehistoric migration route evolved over thousands of years – revealing that...

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Opinion: There’s a reason why Africa’s migratory songbirds sing out of season

09 May 2016

Claire Spottiswoode (Department of Zoology) and Marjorie Sorensen (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main) discuss why several species of migratory...

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