Cambridge researchers are helping to lead the fight back against COVID-19, from the use of genomics to track its spread and mathematic modelling to understand infection rates through to innovative screening programmes to keep its students and staff safe.

The off-patent drug that could protect us from future COVID-19 variants

05 December 2022

Cambridge scientists have identified a drug that can be repurposed to prevent COVID-19 in research involving a unique mix of ‘mini-organs’, donor organs, animal studies and patients.

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Support for populist politics 'collapsed' during the pandemic – global report

18 Jan 2022

Support for populist parties and leaders – and agreement with populist ideas – has fallen around the world amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a...

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CO2 monitor

Curbing COVID-19 in schools: Cambridge scientists support CO2 monitor rollout

17 Jan 2022

UK schools have received more than 300,000 CO2 monitors as part of a government initiative to reduce COVID-19 spread in classrooms.

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Covid-19 seen under the microscope. SARS-CoV-2, 3D rendering

Omicron may be significantly better at evading vaccine-induced immunity, but less likely to cause severe disease

20 Dec 2021

The Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 may be significantly better than previous variants at evading vaccine-induced antibodies, according to new research...

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New model improves accuracy of machine learning in COVID-19 diagnosis while preserving privacy

16 Dec 2021

Researchers in the UK and China have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) model that can diagnose COVID-19 as well as a panel of professional...

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Cambridge COVID vaccine in clinical trials

14 Dec 2021

Safety trials are underway for a vaccine developed by Cambridge researchers that could be used as a booster targeting COVID-19 virus variants and...

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Screenshot from Covid-19 risk calculator

Interactive tool helps you decide how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19

02 Dec 2021

Is it risky to sing in a choir? What are the risks of eating in a small restaurant? How much difference does it make to open windows or clean...

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Two-metre COVID-19 rule is ‘arbitrary measurement’ of safety

23 Nov 2021

A new study has shown that the airborne transmission of COVID-19 is highly random and suggests that the two-metre rule was a number chosen from a...

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NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover

Cambridge Dictionary names 'perseverance' Word of the Year 2021

17 Nov 2021

Perseverance, a word which captures the undaunted will of people across the world to never give up, despite the many challenges of the last 12 months...

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Air filter significantly reduces presence of airborne SARS-CoV-2 in COVID-19 wards

16 Nov 2021

When a team of doctors, scientists and engineers at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the University of Cambridge placed an air filtration machine in COVID-...

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Audience at Royal Institution Christmas Lecture

Cambridge scientists to take part in Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

04 Nov 2021

Three Cambridge researchers are among six leading UK scientists who will share the presenting duties with Professor Jonathan Van-Tam during this year...

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Child and mother during lockdown

Study reveals ‘drastic changes’ to daily routines during UK lockdowns

03 Nov 2021

Some spent an extra hour a day on chores and childcare during lockdowns, while others got an added daily hour of solo leisure time – and most of us...

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Student talking a COVID-19 test

Cambridge students urged to take part in innovative COVID-19 screening programme

28 Oct 2021

An estimated 7,000 students are already taking part each week in the University of Cambridge’s Asymptomatic COVID-19 Screening Programme, but the...

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