Find out how University of Cambridge researchers and experts are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rapid genome sequencing and screening help hospital manage COVID-19 outbreaks

14 July 2020

Cambridge researchers have shown how rapid genome sequencing of virus samples and enhanced testing of hospital staff can help to identify clusters of healthcare-associated COVID-19 infections.

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Unexpected experiences: Richard Gilbertson discusses how lockdown has enabled him to kick-start a new initiative

21 Jul 2020

Faced with closed laboratories and cancelled conferences, paediatric oncologist Richard Gilbertson kick-started a “21st-century method” for meeting...

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Tackling COVID-19: Professor Gordon Dougan

16 Jul 2020

“In many parts of the world people still live with the daily threat of diseases like cholera, typhoid, and malaria. In reality COVID is just another...

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Beware of where you buy your face mask: it may be tainted with modern day slavery

15 Jul 2020

Researchers from POLIS and Jesus College offer practical advice for avoiding masks made through exploitation in The Conversation.

How have Covid-19 fatalities compared with other causes of death?

15 Jul 2020

Help restore some perspective with this comparison of deaths from a range of more familiar causes from the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence...

In a pandemic, your real wealth is other people

15 Jul 2020

The crisis shows us it's time to re-imagine public sector pay and higher minimum wage as social capital investments, rather than economic costs, says...

Unexpected experiences: Simone Eringfeld discusses how the pandemic has shifted the focus of her research

15 Jul 2020

Unable to set off on her MPhil fieldwork, Simone Eringfeld shifted her research to explore how students and academics at Cambridge could reimagine...

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Research links coronavirus symptoms and loneliness

13 Jul 2020

New Cambridge Judge Business School research explores the link between suffering COVID-19 symptoms and mental health problems.

Sanitising a public space in Mexico

Long-term strategies to control COVID-19 pandemic must treat health and economy as equally important

13 Jul 2020

Strategies for the safe reopening of low and middle-income countries (LMICs) from months of strict social distancing in response to the ongoing COVID...

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Unexpected experiences: Michelle Reynolds reflects on reopening the Staff Counselling Centre post-pandemic

10 Jul 2020

As the Staff Counselling Centre re-opens its premises, post lockdown, Michelle Reynolds reflects on the past three months and how this experience...

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Estee Torok (centre, in black) with team at Addenbrooke's Hospital

Tackling COVID-19: Dr Estée Török

09 Jul 2020

Long hours running COVID-19 vaccine and drugs trials have left little time for Estée Török to contemplate her postponed wedding. With over 20 years'...

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COVID-19 and the interspecies frontier

08 Jul 2020

Professor of World History, Sujit Sivasundaram, discusses how our long history with pangolins reveals the preconditions of both the pandemic and...

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Unexpected experiences: Beverley Glover discusses keeping the Botanic Gardens open online during the pandemic

07 Jul 2020

In the second of a new series, Beverley Glover talks about keeping the gardens open online and the apprehension welcoming visitors back in person.

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