Life on Earth is at risk from an unprecedented rate of environmental change that threatens the natural resources on which we depend.

‘Keep it local’ approach to protecting the rainforest can be more effective than government schemes

12 September 2017

Conservation initiatives led by local and indigenous groups can be just as effective as schemes led by government, according to new research. In...

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Opinion: Are universities ready for a new kind of science?

06 June 2017

Is the knowledge and scholarship that universities produce relevant to the problems the world faces? In a new essay co-authored with an...

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#EarthOptimism: Recovering species must be celebrated or we risk reversing progress

20 April 2017

Cambridge conservationists will unite with colleagues across the globe on Earth Day this Saturday to lionise environmental victories and show...

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Opinion: Measures of poverty and well-being still ignore the environment – this must change

16 March 2017

Are our measures of poverty and well-being too narrow? Judith Schleicher and Bhaskar Vira from Cambridge's Conservation Research Initiative think...

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Final biomedical trial on captive chimpanzees is first oral Ebola vaccine for saving wild apes

09 March 2017

Oral vaccine offers hope for ape species ravaged by Ebola and other diseases, as it can be widely dispersed to save more wild animals. However,...

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Road planning 'trade off' could boost food production while helping protect tropical forests

15 December 2016

Scientists hope a new approach to planning road infrastructure that could increase crop yield in the Greater Mekong region while limiting...

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What can Pokémon Go teach the world of conservation?

16 November 2016

The augmented reality game, designed for mobile devices, allows users to capture, battle and train virtual creatures called Pokémon that appear on...

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Opinion: How the UK and India can lead the development of ecologically smart cities

08 November 2016

Bhaskar Vira and Eszter Kovacs (Department of Geography and University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute) discuss how lessons learned...

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Earth, wind and flyer: the moves of Disco Tony and friends

26 July 2016

Disco Tony has travelled over 5,000 miles. He is grey with a yellow ring around his eyes. He is a cuckoo, but not just any cuckoo. He is one of a...

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