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Life on Earth is at risk from an unprecedented rate of environmental change that threatens the natural resources on which we depend.

The Vice-Chancellor's Awards 2023 for Research Impact and Engagement

13 Dec 2023

Meet the winner of the Vice-Chancellor's Awards 2023 for Research Impact and Engagement and learn more about their projects.

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Established Academic 2023

13 Dec 2023

The Established Academic for 2023 is Professor William Sutherland and his research team at Conservation Evidence.

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Experts predict ‘catastrophic ecosystem collapse’ of UK forests within the next 50 years if action not taken

08 Nov 2023

Other threats to UK forests include competition with society for water, viral diseases, and extreme weather affecting forest management.

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Degraded coral reef 'rubblefield' in Indonesia.

Lack of evidence hampers progress on corporate-led ecosystem restoration

08 Sep 2023

A near total lack of transparency is making it impossible to assess the quality of corporate-led ecosystem restoration projects, a new study finds...

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Cost to protect globally important forests falls disproportionately on those living closest

17 Aug 2023

Local communities are not incentivised to protect tropical forests that are hugely valuable for global climate regulation, a new study has found...

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Current conservation policies risk damaging global biodiversity, warn researchers

21 Jun 2023

Rewilding, organic farming and the so-called ‘nature friendly farming’ measures included in some government conservation policies may accelerate...

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Digger making tracks in forest

At least 80% of the world’s most important sites for biodiversity on land currently contain human developments

23 Mar 2023

At least 80% of sites identified as being internationally important for biodiversity on land currently contain infrastructure − of which more than 75...

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COP15: UN and Cambridge sign agreement to bolster conservation

09 Dec 2022

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity secretariat and the University of Cambridge signed a Memorandum of Understanding on day two of COP15, which...

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Conservation: it’s time to look at the evidence

29 Jun 2022

Professor Bill Sutherland is leading a conservation revolution to reverse the dramatic loss of global biodiversity

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Protected areas saw dramatic spikes in fires during COVID lockdowns, study finds

05 May 2022

Scientists suggest that some staffing of protected areas should be considered “essential services” in future crises.

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Lack of transparency over cost of conservation projects hampers ability to prioritise funds for nature protection

23 Mar 2022

A new study has found that costs of conservation projects are rarely reported, making it difficult for others to make decisions on the most cost-...

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Butterflies through time: a new exhibition

22 Mar 2022

Butterflies through time at Cambridge’s Museum of Zoology illuminates the beautiful, turbulent history of butterflies across the UK.

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