Cambridge and India have well over 100 collaborations and partnerships, many forged over decades, others more recently.

Opinion: How ‘frugal innovation’ can fight off inequality

19 Apr 2017

With inequalities set to get worse, it’s time to take radical action, says Jaideep Prabhu, Director of Centre for India & Global Business...

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The psychiatrist who does stand up

16 Mar 2017

He discovered performing at medical school in India and, as a PhD student, began to devise his own material. Armed with his ‘baloney detection kit’...

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Another India exhibition gives voice to India’s most marginalised communities

08 Mar 2017

Hundreds of objects which tell the story of 100 million of India’s most marginalised citizens – its Indigenous and Adivasi people – are to go on...

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Cambridge celebrates ‘long-standing and deep-rooted’ relationship with India

22 Feb 2017

Today, as part of UK-India Year of Culture 2017, the University of Cambridge launches a year-long celebration of its ties with India, which stretch...

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Opinion: India’s militant rhino protectors are challenging traditional views of how conservation works

13 Feb 2017

There is a dilemma in contemporary conservation: how to balance modernisation, people’s rights and environmentalism. Nowhere is this visible that in...

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Young Indian politicians get a taste of Cambridge life

05 Dec 2016

A delegation of 12 Indian student politicians affiliated to various political parties visited Cambridge on 1 December to gain a greater understanding...

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Rice farming in India much older than thought, used as 'summer crop' by Indus civilisation

21 Nov 2016

Thought to have arrived from China in 2000 BC, latest research shows domesticated rice agriculture in India and Pakistan existed centuries earlier...

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Opinion: How the UK and India can lead the development of ecologically smart cities

08 Nov 2016

Bhaskar Vira and Eszter Kovacs (Department of Geography and University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute) discuss how lessons learned...

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Drowning in a paper sea: India’s welfare efforts failed by its peculiar bureaucracy

21 Jul 2016

India’s sophisticated laws and progressive policies fail with startling regularity. A new study locates a possible reason as to why in the convoluted...

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Opinion: Droughts and floods: India’s water crises demand more than grand projects

06 Jun 2016

Bhaskar Vira (Department of Geography and University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute) discusses ways of dealing with the crisis...

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The illiterate boy who became a maharaja

31 May 2016

As they struggled to maintain their grip on India as the jewel in the colonial crown, the British attempted to mould the character of India’s princes...

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Opinion: The man who taught infinity: how GH Hardy tamed Srinivasa Ramanujan’s genius

22 Apr 2016

Béla Bollobás (Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics) discusses the life of Srinivasa Ramanujan and the influence of his tutor...

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