Cambridge and India have well over 100 collaborations and partnerships, many forged over decades, others more recently.

Transforming lives with iris recognition technology

13 Apr 2022

Technology that recognises people’s unique iris patterns is giving a means of identification to millions of individuals across the globe.

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Health care workers administering covid-19 vaccination in New Delhi

Delhi outbreak highlights challenge of herd immunity in the face of Delta variant

14 Oct 2021

The severe outbreak of COVID-19 in Delhi, India, in 2021 showed not only that the Delta variant of SARS-CoV2 is extremely transmissible but that it...

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India flag face mask. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Extent of India’s COVID nudge campaign revealed

17 Sep 2020

The Government of India’s use of nudge theory in the first three months of the pandemic helped to tackle the virus on numerous fronts, a new study...

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Coronavirus pandemic: making safer emergency hospitals

28 Apr 2020

Simple, low-cost ventilation designs and configuration of wards can reduce the dispersal of airborne virus in emergency COVID-19 hospitals, say...

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Fixing India’s slum rehabilitation housing

13 Feb 2020

Millions of new houses being built for former slum-dwellers are failing their residents and fuelling unnecessary energy use. New research aims to...

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How could multilingualism benefit India’s poorest schoolchildren?

20 Nov 2018

Multilingualism is the norm in India. But rather than enjoying the cognitive and learning advantages seen in multilingual children in the Global...

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Cambridge and Indian partners launch collaboration to transform India’s "Green Revolution”

22 Feb 2018

Researchers met in New Delhi today to formalise the launch of a programme that aims to jointly address some of India’s most pressing food security...

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Children with disabilities are being denied equal opportunities for a quality education across the world, including in the UK

13 Nov 2017

Researchers from the Faculty of Education have produced a new report on the current state of education for children with disabilities in both England...

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Changing the face of Indian farming

25 Oct 2017

Indian agriculture is expected to feed a growing and increasingly urbanised population. But if everyone wants to move to towns and cities, who is...

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Himansha Singh, Dept of Pharmacology

Postgraduate Pioneers 2017 #1

17 Oct 2017

With our Postgraduate Open Day fast approaching (3 Nov), we introduce five PhD students who are already making waves at Cambridge.

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India's schoolchildren inspired by Cambridge's 'magical science'

31 Aug 2017

Early career scientists at the University of Cambridge are inspiring a generation of young Indians to pursue opportunities in STEM subjects.

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Cambridge-led collaborations aim to tackle global food security and public health challenges

21 Jul 2017

Two major research collaborations led by the University of Cambridge have been awarded almost £15 million in funding, the Minister of State for...

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