Crime and punishment: a 19th-century love affair

30 Apr 2013

The violence of everyday life in 19th-century Europe – including murder most foul, handsome bandits, wicked women and huge crowds at executions – is being revealed in all its bloody detail by Cambridge University Library.

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Katy Barrett

From pamphlet to pixel: the humanities in transition

14 Mar 2012

The humanities have been quick to embrace the potential of computer technology but universities have been reluctant to accept digital projects as bona fide scholarship. Katy Barrett, a PhD student at Cambridge’s Department of the History and Philosophy of Science, argues for a change in attitude.

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Sanskrit manuscript dating from 997 AD

Powerful words

09 Nov 2011

Ancient manuscripts that hold important clues to India’s intellectual and religious traditions will be the focus of a new study.

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Pliegos sueltos Diego Corrientes (S743.1.c.8.2)

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08 Mar 2011

A new study of wrongdoing and its cultures in Spain from 1800 to 1936 will explore the fascination of popular versions of crime and other misdemeanours.

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