A museum for the future

05 Apr 2013

The University Museum of Zoology contains far more than a record of the past. Ambitious redevelopment plans will enable enhanced use of its unique collections for research into global issues from climate change to conservation.

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Reassembling the backbone of life using a particle accelerator

14 Jan 2013

New research shows for the first time the intricate three-dimensional structure of the backbone in the earliest four-legged animals (tetrapods).

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Limb of a terrestrial tetrapod recovered from a Scottish riverbed by Stanley Wood in 2005

From fins to limbs

11 Apr 2012

Tonight Cambridge vertebrate palaeontologist Professor Jenny Clack is the subject of BBC Four’s Beautiful Minds series. The programme looks at her contribution to our understanding of early tetrapods - the first four-legged creatures to walk on earth.

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King's College Cambridge

Cambridge academics elected as Fellows of the Royal Society

15 May 2009

Nine of the 44 new Royal Society Fellows announced today are Cambridge academics. Their election to the Fellowship of the Royal Society recognises their exceptional contributions to society. As Fellows of the UK's national academy of science, these leaders in the fields of science, engineering and medicine join other famous Cambridge names such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking.

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