Original card with the lock of hair, written by A C Haddon after returning from Western Australia.

Aboriginal Australians were first explorers

22 Sep 2011

An old lock of hair has enabled researchers to sequence the genome of an Aboriginal Australian, and show that modern Aboriginal Australians are direct descendants of the first people to arrive there.

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Trawling survives selling previously discarded fish

03 Aug 2010

Fishermen barely eking out a profit because of overfishing of their target stock, shrimp, are now surviving by selling their bycatch (the low-value fish also caught in the large, indiscriminate nets). Although good for the fishermen, scientists warn that the prolonged trawl fishing along certain areas will lead to an "ecological catastrophe" and the "permanent loss of livelihoods for fishers" as well as other individuals who work in the industry.

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