In order to retain the trade marks it is a legal requirement for the University to trade under them. In order to fulfil this requirement the University issues licences to selected companies permitting them to use the trade marks on agreed products.

All products go through a strict approval process to ensure they are of good quality and design, and suitable for the University to endorse.

A rigorous set of standards are applied when evaluating companies requesting licences.  This is done by assessing the following:

  • the appropriateness and quality of the proposed licensed products;
  • how the trade marks will be used;
  • the marketability of the products;
  • and a potential licensee's history of compliance with business and licensing standards, including ethical and environmental compliance.

Licences are managed by the Office of External Affairs and Communications.

Any person or company wishing to be licensed to sell University of Cambridge product should, in the first instance, apply in writing to