FE Tutors get the facts on applications

07 May 2014

Cambridge is committed to seeing every applicant as an individual. That was the message taken home by FE Tutors from colleges across the country, who took part in an event hosted by St Catharine’s College this month.

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Low-cost LEDs for saving energy and improving health

28 Mar 2013

Gallium nitride has been described as “the most important semiconductor since silicon” and is used in energy-saving LED lighting. A new £1million growth facility will allow Cambridge researchers to further reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of LEDs, with potentially huge cost-saving implications.

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Schools Liaison Officer Diary: Selwyn in Scotland 2013

14 Feb 2013

Ellen Slack is the Schools Liaison Officer for Selwyn College. As part of Cambridge University’s Area Links scheme, each college is responsible for developing good relationships with local schools in particular areas. One of Selwyn’s link areas is Scotland. This is Ellen’s diary of a recent schools tour.

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Tune in, switch off

13 Feb 2013

This week is Switch Off Week, a chance for staff at the University to get involved in cutting Cambridge’s carbon footprint and consider the best behavioural and technological ways of reducing energy use.

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Dr Robin Hesketh signing copies of his book in Peterborough

Twists in a tale

16 Jul 2012

Inside every scientist is a writer struggling to get out – or is there? Dr Robin Hesketh, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry, describes the trials, tribulations and unexpected treats that accompanied the writing of his book Betrayed by Nature.

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